Tower of Fantasy Vera Expansion Announced

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Tower of Fantasy Vera Expansion Announced

Tower of Fantasy made a splash when it was released just a few weeks ago and has already been making waves. Now to keep the momentum going, developer Hotta Studio revealed their first expansion with Tower of Fantasy Vera.

Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio revealed the first look at Vera at gamescom today, the upcoming global expansion for the smash hit open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. Tower of Fantasy's Vera expansion will be a free update later this year.

Tower of Fantasy's Vera – Climb to the Top

Tower of Fantasy is the new hotness in the Free to Play MMORPG Mobile market. It's clearly intended to compete with genre giant Genshin Impact, which already has a firm grasp on that particular corner of the market. The market of insanely good-looking open-world action games is made first and foremost for mobile devices. Tower of Fantasy tries to set itself apart by not being a gigantic open world. Instead, it aims to be closer to some of those big MMORPG's of yesteryear.

Even a few weeks after its release, Tower of Fantasy is still going strong. Having been a permanent member of the top 10 downloads in almost 150 countries, it's safe to say that it's become a global sensation. And in order to keep the ball rolling, Tower of Fantasy is starting strong by announcing its first expansion. The region of Vera is a vast desert, with the cyberpunk city of Mirroria being its beating heart.


Tower of Fantasy Vera – Key Features

  • Shared Open-world MMORPG
  • Co-operative multiplayer mode
  • Free-form character creation tools
  • Post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting
  • Anime-inspired art style with unique characters
  • Exciting immersive combat
  • Multiple mounts and unique sci-fi weapons and relics
  • Open World exploration
  • Cross-platform gameplay between PC and mobile versions

The new cyberpunk-themed area Vera will unlock within the game and bring with it new environments, mounts, monsters, weapons, and more. This expansion's main area is the Desert Gobby, an irradiated wilderness with the cyberpunk hub of Mirroria located in its heart. Players will enjoy finding new instances, raids, and legendary bosses they can take on together with their friends and “crews” that bring new missions, events, and rewards.

In this brand-new region, Players can find a boatload of new content. Be it new raids, bosses, and instances for them and their companions to struggle through together. When this update is supposed to land is still unknown, but we'll keep you posted should that change.

Tower of Fantasy has recently made an impact with over 10 million downloads in just a little over two weeks. The game is currently available on both the Apple App Store, Google Play, PC, and is soon coming to the Epic Game Store and Steam.

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Tower of Fantasy Vera Expansion Announced
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