Toronto Defiant Viewing Party Brings Overwatch Fans Together at the CNE

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Toronto Defiant Viewing Party Brings Overwatch Fans Together at the CNE

On Sunday, Overwatch fans gathered at the CNE Gaming Garage to watch Toronto Defiant and Florida Mayhem duke it out in stage four of the Overwatch League.

The viewing party also featured Nathan “KarQ” Chan. KarQ is a streamer for Toronto Defiant, as well as the community lead for Team Canada. He engaged the audience with trivia about the game, the team, as well as answered questions about hero compositions.

Earlier this season, ESTNN conducted an interview with KarQ about his esports journey, and his thoughts being a Twitch streamer.

“When I first learned about Overwatch, it was a few years ago. I bought it and I started playing it for about six months,” he told ESTNN.

He added that he worked a couple of part-time jobs and that while he was in school, he played Overwatch for fun. Half a year later, he realized he enjoyed making videos as a hobby. Over time, he was able to build up a dedicated YouTube and Twitch audience.

Since then, he has become a streamer for Toronto Defiant. He's also attended events such as OverActive Media’s presentation of Esports: The Modern Cultural Revolution and the CNE viewing party. All of this was to continue being part of and engage with the Overwatch community.

At the CNE event, although Toronto Defiant ended their last match of the season against Florida Mayhem with 0-4, fans cheered their team on and received swag to take home. Live audience members got to make their own Toronto Defiant signs, as well as get a customized key for their computer’s keyboard with the team’s logo on it. They also had the chance to win a signed Roky jersey through raffle tickets.

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