Toronto Defiant Contenders have a Home, Name and Branding to Follow

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Toronto Defiant Contenders have a Home, Name and Branding to Follow

The city of Montreal will play host to the Toronto Defiant’s Contenders team, according to its official Twitter account. The contender team name, logo, and branding will be revealed sometime next week.

Montreal will be the new home of the OWL expansion team Toronto Defiant's Contender team. Consequently, they will play in the 500-seat capacity Esports Central Arena located in the heart of Montreal. The team has announced that the logo and branding of the Defiant’s academy team will be announced sometime next week at a press event.

Toronto Defiant is one of the eight new teams for Overwatch League Season 2. Esports organization Splyce has operational control of the team in partnership with OverActive Media group. Due to this, along with the expansion slot, the Toronto Defiant was given a spot in Overwatch Contenders. Contenders serves as a semi-pro league just below Blizzard’s flagship OWL. In other words, Contenders often serves as an “academy league,” resembling the Academy League of Riot’s League of Legends.

Toronto Defiant accidentaly made waves late last year when it purchased sole use of the term “Toronto,” causing the managing organization of the Boston Uprising Contenders team to pull out of the League instead of changing their name. Toronto Esports then engaged in some Twitter shennanigans, eventually causing the organization to move on from the Uprising Contenders team.

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In conclusion, the Toronto Defiant joins the Atlanta Reign, Hangzhou Spark, Washington Justice, Paris Eternal Vancouver Titans, Guangzhou Charge, and the Chengdu Hunters as the eight expansion teams for Overwatch League Season 2. Next, Season 2 kicks off today, February 14th, with a match between the Philadelphia Fusion and the London Spitfire.

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