Top Heroes Codes for May 2024

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Top Heroes Codes for May 2024

Top Heroes Codes for April 2024 are here and waiting for you to redeem.

Update – April 19th checked for any new codes (none found)

If you're playing Top Heroes, one of the first things you'll be asking is “Where can I get me some free codes”. Well, thankfully we have some codes below for you to try.

Top Heroes Codes for Free In-Game Rewards

Here is the list of all active codes for Top Heroes as of April 19th these still work.

  • Im1of100k (Expire December 31st 2024) – 5x Recruit Voicher – 5x Basic Meat Pack – 5x Universal Speed-up (15m)
  • TopHeroes2024:(Expires December 31 2024) 2x Recruit Vouchers – 5x Basic Stone Pack – 5x Basic Timber Pack – 5x Basic Ruby Pack – 5x Basic Meat Pack

We will list the expiry date on any codes that we know those details for, but it's best practice to redeem them ASAP to avoid any issues.

Top Heroes Expired Codes

  • ImYours
  • NewAdventure
  • MistletoeTH

You can also find a bunch of codes for other titles like AFK Journey, and Destiny 2 in our Codes section.

How to Redeem Top Heroes Codes

redeem code

It's a fairly simple process, thankfully.

  1. Head to your profile in the top left of the screen
  2. Inside your profile, click on the settings cog
  3. Here, look for the Gift Codes option and select it
  4. Now, just enter the codes above and enjoy the free rewards
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You'll know the codes have worked because they'll pop up on the screen. Any failed codes will say as such.

Also, don't forget that linking your account will also net you some free items.

Top Heroes Codes for May 2024
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