Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

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Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

This list contains the top 5 pistol loadouts in Call of Duty: MW3

Activision has introduced numerous weapons for players in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. All weapons in every category have been balanced so that every gun is somewhat viable in the game. Not using a specific gun automatically does not put a player at a disadvantage. For this reason, every match has diversity. Players go for whichever weapon they are the most comfortable with and can perform well with that. From Snipers to SMGs, Shotguns, or the ever-reliable ARs, every weapon is viable.

The primary weapons aren’t the only things that are feasible to use in games. The pistols have been balanced too, and are very handy in certain scenarios. If used correctly with the best loadouts, some of these pistols can even stand up to rifles. With such a wide range of strong secondary weapons options, we had to come up with a list of the best ones and loadouts for those

So let's take a look at the best 5 pistols with their loadouts in CoD: MW3.

Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3

Even though pistols haven’t been the highlights of recent Call of Duty games, especially since players can carry two primary weapons. But in Modern Warfare 3, the pistols have been significantly buffed and are a very strong alternative to carry into battles.

In a few cases, these handguns are as strong as if not more than rifles. Due to their fast fire rates and super mobile shape, these are great options not just for finishing off a weakened enemy, but for single-handedly taking out a fully kitted-out player. So here are our picks for the 5 best pistols in the game currently.

5. WSP Stinger

The Stinger mimics the Micro Uzi in real life, and if you’re familiar with firearms you know that the Uzi is one of the fastest SMGs in the world. The Stinger also has similar quirks. Its rate of fire is undeniably fast. At close ranges, it can shred anyone with high levels of damage per second.

Despite all that, there is a certain drawback to the Stinger. It is not very accurate at any range which is not close. The recoil is also quite difficult to control. Considering the damage and fire rate, it is quite normal to expect this. So we have made a loadout, which is given below, that will adjust the recoil and improve other weaknesses of the gun.

Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Here are the attachments for the WSP Stinger:

  • Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle
  • Sapphire-12 Laser
  • WSP Factory Stock
  • 32 Round Magazine
  • Marauder Grip

Just as we mentioned, these attachments improve the gun's accuracy and recoil. Starting with the Monolithic Suppressor, which is perfect for a gun with such high fire rates. It will improve the accuracy of the Stinger and also keep the weapon silenced, therefore keeping you off the enemy’s minimap. The WSP Stock and the Marauder Grip with reduce recoil and allow the player to control that recoil. The 32 Round Magazine is quite self-explanatory, with high fire rates come large magazines.

4. TYR

The TYR is a super-powerful handgun. Its main strengths are its stopping power and damage. The TYR also has very good accuracy stats, making it strong for both close and long-ranged engagements. However, this is a major drawback to this gun, which is its recoil. This single-handedly requires players to be very accurate with their aim. So players do prefer the Basilisk, which is placed down below, because of this, but they are both equally strong. It all comes down to preference.

Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Here are the attachments for the TYR:

  • ZIU-166 Heavy Long Barrel
  • 12.7x55mm High Grain Rounds
  • Ali’s Regret Trigger Action
  • Ivanov Support Brace
  • Aim OP-V4 Optic

The TYR is already a very well-equipped handgun and the attachments we have mentioned above will improve the gun even more. The ZIU Long Barrel will increase the gun's effective range and bullet velocity.  This improves the TYR's effectiveness at longer ranges. The gun's recoil also gets reduced. The Ali’s Regret Trigger Action works in reducing the gun's recoil and increases the fire rate as well. The boosted damage of the High Grain Rounds complements the increased fire rate, making the TYR a deadly weapon. The Ivanov Brace also improves recoil and adds Tactical Stance.

3. Basilisk 

The Basilisk the high-damage heavy-hitting revolver was added from MW2. It was one of the strongest guns in the old game and was used by almost every player. If used properly, the Basilisk can turn into a hand-canon and act almost like a sniper. This damage can be enhanced even more with the proper attachments. Similar to the TYR, the Basilisk can have heavy recoil as well, although this can be mitigated easily with some attachments.

Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Here are the attachments for the Basilisk:

  • 10.5″ FTAC Arrow Barrel
  • Revo-LSD 7mW Laser
  • Bryson Match Grade Trigger
  • 0.500 Snakeshot Ammunition
  • Akimbo Basilisk Rear Grip

This loadout mainly targets the Dual Akimbo Basilisk Class, which allows the player to wield two Basilisks at the same time. This happens because of the Akimbo Rear Grip. That means double the guns and double the damage. This does remove the ADS and costs the long-range capabilities of the weapons. Since hip-fire will be the prime focus, the Revo Laser sights will help in aiming and also improve accuracy. The FTAC Arrow Barrel further increases the accuracy and damage range stats with near to no drawbacks. The Match Grade trigger improves the Basilisk’s fire rate while the Snakeshot Ammo increases the damage radius, overall making the weapon stronger at closer ranges.

2. FTAC Siege

This weapon is extremely strong, especially with its full auto nature and in general very high rate of fire. The recoil for the FTAC is also pretty low and with the right attachments, it can be reduced to nothing. Even compared to some of the SMGs in MW3, this gun can be considered better. So there is no doubt on how effective this gun can be in shorter ranges.

Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Here are the attachments for the FTAC Siege:

  • Heist-LW Stock
  • FTAC Stead Rear Grip
  • 50 Round Drum Magazine
  • CMRN-50 Barrel / Ratchet BE
  • Rebel-HX Under Barrel Grip

The main target for this build is to make the recoil close to none. This also improves the overall effective range of the people. The 50-round Mag compliments the fire rate of the FTAC while also keeping the gun's mobility intact. The FTAC Rear grip and Heist Stock will also improve recoil. Some players suggest going for the Ratchet BE instead of the CMR-50. If you’re looking to improve damage then that's a good option.

1. Renetti

The Renetti is overall a decent weapon on its own. Without any attachments, it is a mid-tier weapon. Similar to the FTAC Siege, the Renetti can be improved significantly with some attachments. It can be turned into a full auto SMG, turning it into the number one secondary weapon available.

Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Here are the attachments for the Renetti:

  • Monolithic Suppressor Muzzle
  • 9MM High Grain Ammo
  • EXF Eclipsor Grip Rear
  • 50 Round Magazine
  • JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit Conversion Kit

The loadout mentioned here can turn the Renetti into a full auto beast. The JAK Ferocity Conversion Kit turns the gun into a strong full-auto SMG. The other attachments like the Eclipsor Grip and Monolithic Suppressor improve accuracy, while the 50 Round Mag and High Grain Ammo focus on damage output.

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Top 5 Pistol Loadouts In Call of Duty: MW3
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