Top 5 FM 24 Save Ideas

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Top 5 FM 24 Save Ideas

Ready to conquer FM24? Explore the top 5 FM 24 save ideas for an exhilarating managerial journey

As the new season of Football Manager, FM24, approaches, let's explore the top teams to guide in Football Manager 2024.

We have meticulously outlined the finest FM 24 save ideas, catering to managers with diverse ambitions, whether it's ascending through the league ranks, claiming trophies, or orchestrating a club's renaissance.

If you want to be inspired by us, our very own editor David is currently playing his own FM24 save story.

Best FM 24 Save Ideas

Here are 5 FM24 save ideas that might intrigue as you begin your Football Manager 2024 journey:

5. Real Madrid (La Liga)

Now, you might be wondering, what's the twist in managing one of Europe's relentless victors? Here's the kicker: Real Madrid, the football juggernaut, faltered in their quest for both the cherished Champions League and LaLiga titles in the previous season.

Real Madrid's last season ended on a humbling note. Barcelona effortlessly secured the Spanish title, while Real was soundly beaten 4-0 by Manchester City, leading to their exit from the Champions League at the semi-final stage.

If the task of taming Barcelona and delivering a historic 15th European trophy to Madrid doesn't pique your interest, maybe the opportunity to spearhead a fresh era at the Bernabeu, guided by rising stars like Jude Bellingham, Eduardo Camavinga, and Vinicius Jr. might persuade you to take charge of Los Blancos.

4. Bolton Wanderers (Football League One)

Top 5 FM 24 Save Ideas

Photo Credit: Bolton Wanderers


Managing Bolton Wanderers in Football Manager was an enormous challenge just a few years ago. Financial difficulties had plunged the club into administrative struggles, resulting in player contract terminations, a 12-point deduction, and a change in the board's leadership. After a brief stint in League Two, marking a first in the club's history, the Wanderers achieved promotion to League One for the 2021/22 season.

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Their recent resurgence culminated in their first trophy win, the Papa John's Trophy in 2022/23, precisely a century after their maiden FA Cup triumph and their first piece of silverware since their FA Cup victory in 1958/59.

Even though they hold the distinction of being one of the founding members of the English Football League and have maintained a consistent presence in the Premier League, accumulating 73 seasons in the top-flight, Bolton Wanderers have never had the privilege of lifting the English Premier League trophy.

Managing Bolton in Football Manager 2024, therefore, presents an exciting opportunity to lead the club's revival and pursue their maiden English Championship triumph, making it one of the most interesting FM24 save ideas.

3. Vissel Kobe (J1 League)

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Photo Credit: J League

For those adventurous Football Manager enthusiasts, Vissel Kobe is a tempting proposition. The club's dynamic fusion of Japanese and international football elements creates a unique backdrop for managers eager to explore and diversify their managerial horizons.

The inclusion of all three divisions of the Japanese J. League in FM24 offers a thrilling opportunity, and Vissel Kobe is the perfect team to maximize this exciting addition to the game.

Vissel Kobe, who narrowly escaped the relegation playoff last season by a mere four points, have surged to the summit of the J1 League in 2023.

These outcomes clearly indicate that Vissel Kobe possesses a skilled roster at their disposal, featuring notable talents such as Premier League legend and World Cup champion Juan Mata.

2. Rosenborg BK (Norwegian Eliteserien)

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Photo Credit: Rosenborg BK 

In their prime, Rosenborg were a Scandinavian soccer giant, consistently competing in the Champions League group stage for 12 consecutive seasons, running from 1995/96 to 2007/08.

RBK, under the esteemed management of Nils Arne Eggen, notched the Double six times and accomplished a remarkable feat by consistently reaching the UEFA Champions League group stage for six consecutive seasons.

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Eggen's devotion to an attacking style of play and his knack for optimizing individual performance within a 4-3-3 formation solidified Rosenborg's status as a Scandinavian powerhouse in the 1990s and early 2000s.

During that span, Rosenborg secured an astounding 13 consecutive Norwegian Championship titles out of their total of 26. Additionally, they clinched the Norwegian Cup an impressive 12 times.

Unfortunately, Rosenborg's recent history has been marked by a significant dip in performance, as they have failed to claim any trophies since 2018. Arguably, the club are at their worst state since starting their over a century ago.

In FM24, Rosenborg emerges as a notable former powerhouse in need of a revival. It offers an engaging short-term save, allowing for an intriguing five-year journey before you ascend to a higher-profile league.

1. Wrexham (Football League Two)

You probably saw this coming from a mile away, but hey, can you blame us for finding Wrexham the most exciting FM24 save idea? This club boasts a rich history, famous owners, and even a hit TV show to its name. It may sound cliché, but this Welsh outfit is genuinely the ultimate Football Manager team.

Wrexham offers a fascinating challenge in FM24, presenting the opportunity to take a team from the EFL's depths all the way to the Premier League while simultaneously handling the weight of expectations and scrutiny associated with a club owned by Hollywood stars.

Armed with a considerable squad, the Welsh team is well-prepared to face the demanding League Two season, with veterans like Ben Tozer, James McClean, and Steven Fletcher in their ranks.

With the added firepower of Paul Mullin, Wrexham's managers can set their ambitions on scaling the extensive ladder that leads to the Premier League. Mullin's exceptional goalscoring abilities provide the team with a valuable asset in their quest for success.

Top 5 FM 24 Save Ideas
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