Top 10 Overwatch League Signs We Saw at the Dallas Homestand

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Top 10 Overwatch League Signs We Saw at the Dallas Homestand

There were some great fan-made signs at last weekend's Overwatch League Dallas Homestand Event. Here's our Top 10 list of the ones that we saw.

#10. Taking a page out of Zenyatta's book, this Overwatch fan was flanked by both a Dallas Fuel fan and a Houston Outlaws supporter.

#9. It's a buff to both Mercy and Ashe, I guess, but As an Ashe one-trick, I'm all for it.

#8. I feel like Zarya doesn't get a lot of love. That said, this guy's made a support group.

#7. It's only a four-hour drive from Houston to Dallas, but its almost 24 hours from Houston to Burbank. Safe to say she's a fan of the Homestand.

#6. I don't think this guy got the news, but Dafran is gone. That said, he'll be able to use this again if the OWL ever starts a draft!

#5. Top 5 kicks off with these two pretty impressive illustrations.

#4. The omnic disaster was just a happy little accident.

#3. Welp, at least it wasn't an accurate representation of the infamous crouch move.

#2. ESTNN's Overwatch team has been trying out how to fix the Valiant. Should've just asked whoever made this sign.

#1. The sign says it all.

Photo's VIA: Nicholas Johnson for ESTNN

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