Theorycraft Games Announces Project Loki EU Playtest Week

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Theorycraft Games Announces Project Loki EU Playtest Week

Here's how you get an invite to play Project Loki when Theorycraft Games brings their debut title to London servers for 7 days.

Theorycraft Games has just released the schedule for their playtest in EU servers on their official Twitter.

In the same tweet, major changes to the game and the events surrounding it were detailed in a fireside chat with Theorycraft's Executive Producer @safelocked.


Here's the complete schedule for the major playtests to come.

Theorycraft Games “Project Loki” Playtest Schedule

  • September 26, 2023
    • Closed-doors playtest for 120+ EU creators
  • September 29 – October 5 (6PM CEST to 10PM CEST)
    • 7-day EU playtest begins

Public invites to Project Loki's EU playtest release right after the creator clash on the 26th. More information on the event as well as the newest patch notes can be found on Theorycraft Games' official discord server.

The official post clarified that NA players can still participate in Project Loki's 7-day event, but will be getting less-than-optimal ping due to the event having London servers. The upside is that EU players will finally get to try Project Loki “with the weights off”.

Pokemon GO Rarest Pokemon

Project Loki is an upcoming MOBA-like, competitive RPG that places tons of exotic characters in a shifting PvP arena that sets the stage of fast-paced teamfights.

Past game trials have been focused on North American servers so far, but after a ton of player demand in the playtest community, Theorycraft is finally letting players across the pond experience Project Loki in all of its pre-pre-pre-alpha glory.

theory craft games project loki eu playtest

Theorycraft is a brand-new indie studio composed of industry leaders from big AAA studios like Riot, Bungie and Blizzard-Activision. The game studio was formed by its co-CEO Joe Tung, an ex-Bungie exec and the former lead for League of Legends. Tung decided to move away from the limelight to focus on leading a player-centric studio that wasn't bogged down by bureaucracy. And support from the community is definitely not lacking.

Theorycraft was able to raise a massive amount $50 million during their last funding round in September 2022. During the event, the team committed to putting the funds into Loki's game development, and it seems the money's helped move things along.

The indie team also promised onboarding more talent to Theorycraft's roster, and given the big names they'll be working with, there are plenty of reasons to make any MOBA fan excited.

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Theorycraft Games Announces Project Loki EU Playtest Week
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