The Warhammer Preview Show May 2024 Recap! – Even More Warhammer

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The Warhammer Preview Show May 2024 Recap! – Even More Warhammer

The Warhammer Preview Show May 2024 Recap is here.

Following on from the big Age of Sigmar 4th Edition reveal event, we now have a “and the rest” Warhammer reveal event. This time, at a less stupid time for those of us in Europe.

If you're early, you can catch the event live on the YouTube link below (or watch it after). If not, then keep this page refreshed as we update with all the hot new reveals.

The Warhammer Preview Show Reveals

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Warhammer 40k

Adeptas Soraritas 

New Mini – Canoness With Jump Pack

Sisters of battle

New Battleforce and Codex

Sisters of battle battle box

Genestealer Cult



New Codex and Battle Force

Genestealer Cult Battleforce

Horus Heresy 30k

Mechanicum – The Sole Rulers of the Red Planet

Battle Force

Archmagos Prime

Archmagos Prime

Thanatar Cavas Siege Automata

Thanatar cavas siege automata

Triaros Armoured Conveyor 

Triaros Armoured Conveyor

Castellax Battle Automata

Bastellax Battle Automata

Thallax Cohort

Thallax Cohort

Adsecularis Tech Thralls



The box's core is a cohort of six Thallax. These surprisingly nimble units, paired with their durable chassis with a highly responsive Inculabulan jet pack make them a danger on the battlefield.

New Legions Imperialis Campaign

Legion Imperialus


New Edition 



A fairly tame event overall, but given the massive Age of Sigmar reveal we had just a few days ago it kind of makes sense. Regardless, there's some good reveals here that should satisfy most Warhammer fans.

You can catch more of our Warhammer and Wargaming content in our dedicated section. 

The Warhammer Preview Show May 2024 Recap! – Even More Warhammer
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