Top 10 Best Moments from Worlds 2022

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Top 10 Best Moments from Worlds 2022

From Play-ins to the very last game. Look back at the huge plays that made fans roar!

A historical esports tournament full of heart-stopping plays blew the minds of 5.1 million concurrent viewers as they tuned in to a Worlds that had a storyline that only comes once in a lifetime. The amount of expert macroplays, daredevil maneuvers and spectacular killfests only went up as the show neared sunny San Fran for a Final that was one for the books.

The journey these teams took this year was memorable to say the least. Ask any League fan about Worlds 2022, and they'll tell you all about how Fnatic faced impossible odds in the Groups stage, or how T1 was divided in its last moments. Whichever the case, pivotal moments from this year's event will be remembered and poured over by future teams for years to come.

Now that all the T1 fans have wiped their tears, we can all look back at the top ten best highlights that came from Worlds 2022!

10. Uma-noid's Azir

Starting off our list, we got one of the best plays at Groups stage from FNC's very own Humanoid.

Let's set the scene. It was EDG vs FNC. The latter had maintained a clean record with no losses on the 3rd day of Groups, but the game was taking a bad turn.

The score was 5-1 past midgame. Each team was focused on their objectives. EDG maintained a nice 2k gold lead while getting 2 enemy turrets in their pocket. A very decisive clash at mid lane drifted down towards the fire drake, and all hell broke loose.

No one knew which team would emerge with the upper hand. But despite EDG having the stronger lead, Humanoid popped off on Azir and scored an incredible ace with so little health, it gave Fnatic fans a heart attack!

9- RGE Takes the Fight to JDG’s Tier 2

Next up, we have RGE's strong push towards JDG's top tier two tower.

Being the only LEC team to make it to Quarterfinals, the hopes and dreams of an entire region rested upon their shoulders. With that said, they gave one hell of a fight!

JD Gaming absolutely dominated their entire group, so chances for an RGE victory were slim. In spite of the odds, Odoamne was able to bait the team's hardest hitters in a smart 3-man flank over at top side jungle. With casualties on both sides, the LEC team was able to drive the enemy back to their tier-two tower, and score picks while doing it.

8- Zeka vs Scout

Few moments can showcase the raw determination found inside League‘s esports scene better than this. Zeka's back-to-back solo kills on EDG's Scout started with a fierce 1v1 that could only be won with an absolutely perfect play.

Akin to the classic anime trope of drawing swords for a final clash, Zeka strongly emerged from Scout's Twilight Shroud with barely a few points of HP to his name.

7- The First Pentakill

Another Fnatic highlight saw the team's ADC sweep the entire enemy team before taking their Nexus.

An insurmountable 5-14 lead in favor of FNC decimated Chief Esports' chances of winning their first match. Fnatic was already knocking on their opponent's door as they assaulted the tier three top turret 20 minutes in. With his team rallied around him, Upset dove deep into enemy lines, scoring the 5th kill right in front of the enemy's fountain.

6- Jensen vs Faker

This legendary 1v1 between Cloud9's mid laner and the legendary Faker felt like watching a professional boxing match.

In a brawl that could have turned the tide of the match, Faker's highly intelligent use of the environment let him evade the enemy Akali's swift strikes. This impressive fight amazed millions of fans, and will be studied by professional esports teams for years to come.

5- Deft Almost Ending EDG’s Nexus

What would've been a cheeky nexus take was shut down at the very last millisecond.

Deft left the rest of DRX to infiltrate EDG's base on his own. Two nexus towers were felled before the botlaner was able to reduce the enemy's nexus to a smidgeon of HP. And he would've gotten away with it too, were it not for that meddling Jax!

4- Faker's Ryze Outplay

With his health in the single digits, the unkillable demon king juked two other pursuers from the LCK with an audacious Ryze escape that only he could pull off.

3- Gumayusi’s Triple Steal

Fans absolutely lost their minds when they witnessed the massive plays from the very last Worlds series, but few could compare to Guma's blind Baron steal.

It was winner takes all when we got to the very last match of Worlds 2022. T1 kept losing team engages despite both contenders playing it extremely safe. DRX wanted to secure a solid lead with a big jungle objective. First was the dragon, which was swiped with Gumayusi.

“Okay, sure,” said DRX. “Let's go for Baron, then.”

Again, stolen by Gumayusi.

It was only after they scored a quadrakill when DRX felt comfortable enough to try for Baron again.

Guess who respawned first.

2- GAM's Nexus Clutch

Nerf the Nexus! In a brilliant display of crowd control, GAM showed the world what “base defense” truly meant.

After defending their own, GAM headed straight for the enemy's Nexus. They successfully took it with a single minion wave. This major upset was unprecedented by definition, and absolutely stupefied everyone inside the Hulu Theater.

1- DRX winning Worlds 2022

The Faker/Deft storyline reached its thrilling conclusion as DRX triumphantly lifted their trophy, earning this year's title of Worlds Champion. Unity and courage got the underdogs through their hardest “Pokémon gym boss” yet. And while T1's split-push almost stole the win, all of their matches inevitably culminated into a day of exploded cheers from hardcore DRX supporters.

Both teams boasted unstoppable offense and tenacious defense in the tournament's final moments. Their macroplays shined as the biggest players from either team either got isolated or punished for stepping too far out. Eventually, the silent powder keg exploded in the final fight's midgame which will burn in the minds of every League fan for years to come.

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Top 10 Best Moments from Worlds 2022
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