The Outlast Trials Plot Explained

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The Outlast Trials Plot Explained

The Outlast Trials, although different from the previous chapters, is still a canonical game in the series that acts as a prequel to what we had the opportunity to experience in the other two games. However, given its multiplayer structure, understanding the plot of The Outlast Trials is not very simple. In this article, therefore, we have decided to connect the dots and give you as comprehensive an explanation as possible.

The Outlast Trials Plot: Setting, Reagents, Ex-Pop, and More

The Outlast Trials is set during the Cold War, a scenario that is the backdrop to what really happens in the game: experiments are conducted on human beings. Since the game serves as a prequel to its predecessors, everything that happens in The Outlast Trials takes place before the events of Outlast and Outlast 2.


The Reagents are the protagonists of the game and are basically people who have been forced, in some way, to become part of this program and work for the Murkoff Corporation. In fact, practically all of these people were experiencing difficult periods in their lives and saw in the Murkuoof Corporation an escape route, even if this is not the case at all.

The company acted well at a marketing level, distributing flyers that encouraged unfortunate people to take part in these experiments. Obviously, what the Murkoff Corporation's plan actually was was hidden and none of the unfortunate people really knew what they were up against. It is the same corporation, in fact, that kidnaps these “volunteers,” forcefully extrapolating their consent to take part in these trials.

Everyone who was kidnapped by the Murkoff Corporation was sent to the Sinyala Facility, where Project LATHE began and all of these people were part of it. But what is this project? And what was his goal? We warn you: if you haven't played the game yet and therefore don't know what happens, you might be shocked by what you're about to read.

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Project LATHE

Project LATHE is how it all begins. This is an experiment conducted by Doctor Easterman in the 1950s, in which people were hired (often homeless people or in any case, all those who had no relatives or friends who could notice their disappearance). Obviously, using renowned people was not an option; otherwise, there was a risk of them being discovered.

The experiment, basically, has a very simple logic: the Reagents were told to take part in trials (disguised as a sort of therapy to be carried out) and had the task of completing them to gain their freedom and be a Reborn. However, these trials were by no means easy to complete. But why did people have to take part in these trials?

The Murkoff Corporation was led by unscrupulous people, who would do anything to achieve their goals, and this is why the tests developed by Doctor Easterman were not at all simple. His goal, however, was to test new advanced mind control and brainwashing techniques. Obviously, no one knew about Project LATHE, only those who worked there, and also because it was something illegal.

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We said that the trials to face and complete in The Outlast Trials are not at all simple. The reason is because they contain Ex-Pops who patrol the maps and give the Reagents a hard time. But who are the Ex-Pops? These are nothing more than previous failed experiments that took part in previous versions of this project.

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Ex-Pops are of various types, each of which derives from a different experiment. Some, for example, have masks and are able to emit a gas that sends the reactants into psychosis, while others are older due to limb-lengthening experiments but have lost their sight. Additionally, there are also two Prime Asset Ex-Pops who are the main antagonists of the trials in The Outlast Trials: Mother Gooseberry and Leland Coyle.

Mother Gooseberry

Mother Gooseberry is actually Phyllis Futterman, a former children's show host and dentist assistant. Players can find her on the orphanage and amusement park maps, ready to hit you with her hand puppet equipped with a drill.

Leland Coyle

Leland Coyle, on the other hand, as you can well imagine from his design, is a corrupt policeman who is not afraid to abuse his power. He is equipped with an electric truncheon that he will use whenever he gets the chance, even on himself.

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Once players have had the opportunity to complete all the trials that are present in the Program Genesis of The Outlast Trials, a final trial will be unlocked (to be completed strictly solo), which will allow them to become Reborns and aspire to their freedom. But will it really be like this?

In reality, what happens after completing this final test (which takes place in the villa where the game begins), your Reagent will truly become a Reborn but will not acquire the freedom he longed for. Or rather, from what we have been able to understand by reading the documents that can be collected around the maps, it seems that the Reagents who become Reborns are a group of sleeper agents who nevertheless continue to work for the Murkoff Corporation.

The Outlast Trials Plot Explained
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