The Outlast Trials Mother Gooseberry: Who is She?

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The Outlast Trials Mother Gooseberry: Who is She?

The story of The Outlast Trials is very convoluted and leaves an air of mystery, but one thing we are sure of is that there are enemies that will give us a hard time. One of them is The Outlast Trials Mother Gooseberry. In this article, we will tell you everything we know about her so that you can understand the reason behind her actions.

The Outlast Trials Mother Gooseberry

Mother Gooseberry is a Prime Asset in The Outlast Trials that will torment players in several maps of the game. She has a puppet at her side, Doctor Futterman, who is none other than the personification of her father.


Before The Outlast Trials started, Gooseberry was the daughter of a dentist in Philadelphia. She has helped her dad at work since she was young, using puppets to keep kids distracted during their appointments. During that era, she also enjoyed doing taxidermy and performing in musicals.

Because her family was well-known, Gooseberry had her own place called Futterland Studios. She hosted a children's show called “The Mother Gooseberry Hour,” which began in 1951. But after her dad died suddenly, she had a really tough time and developed a condition where she had different personalities. This is the reason why the show changed a lot after that.

While she was on TV, she used her fame to sell drugs and do other bad things. The kids who watched her show started copying her bad behavior. In 1955, the police raided Futterland Studios and found illegal things there. Gooseberry got in trouble and was charged with serious crimes. Some police officers got hurt during the raid.

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It's not clear exactly what was in Futterland Studios, but it was described as really creepy. Later, she ended up in the care of a company called Murkoff Corporation. They did experiments on her skin, exposing her to harmful chemicals. Despite that, she survived and even made friends with some staff and other patients in the facility.

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Mother Gooseberry will aggressively chase after Reagents as soon as she sees them. She won't stop until she catches them, loses sight of them, or gets stunned by something like a flash or stun rig. You won't be able to see Gooseberry in the dark, but you can hear her drilling and singing from far away. If there are doors in her way, she'll just open them, or if they're locked, she'll break them down. She'll also smash through wooden planks blocking a doorway.

When Gooseberry runs into a Reagent head-on, she grabs them and attacks with her drill, causing a lot of damage. If she manages to knock down a player or finds one lying around, she'll brutally drill into their face to try to kill them. But another Reagent can knock her off the downed Reagent to stop her temporarily, just like Coyle.

The Outlast Trials Mother Gooseberry: Who is She?
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