The First PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error Is Out

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The First PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error Is Out

The long-awaited PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error is finally out and here is everything we know about it thus far

PAYDAY 3 is the latest installment of the beloved PAYDAY series of video games. It is a co-op first-person shooter survival game where players have to complete missions or heists. It is the third installment of the PAYDAY series and the sequel to PAYDAY 2. The game was released on 21 September 2023 and had mixed reviews because of the server issues at the beginning. Despite that, the game gained a lot of traction and a roadmap was released for future updates of the game.

Now, the first PAYDAY 3 DLC is out and it is called “Syntax Error” as the roadmap told us. Hence, here is everything that we know about it so far. 

PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error

Now, as the roadmap released by Starbreeze Studios had stated that the first PAYDAY 3 DLC would be released in the winter of 2023, the developers did it. “Syntax Error” is out now and the DLC comes with a lot of new things for the game. Here is the trailer that was released for the Chapter 1 DLC:

The DLC can be bought for $13.49 USD for all devices. As for those who purchased the Silver, Gold or Collector’s Edition of PAYDAY 3, they got the 6-month or 1-year Season Pass which automatically gives them the DLC. Here are all the things included in the Syntax Error Chapter 1 DLC with their cost: 

  • Syntax Error Heist – $7.49 USD
  • Syntax Error Weapon Pack – $4.49 USD (3 New Weapons with cosmetics and add-ons)
  • Syntax Error Tailor Pack – $3.74 USD (4 Masks, 4 Gloves, 4 Outfits)
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Syntax Error Heist

The First PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error Is Out
Credit: PAYDAY 3 Official Website

As we all know, PAYDAY 3 is set in the 20th Century aka the 2020s which brought with it completely new technology and even cryptocurrency. For the PAYDAY 3 DLC Syntax Error, the heist that is being added follows up with the modern technology aspect. This heist is centered around stealing the specifications for a cutting-edge drone which the gang comes across while looking for the faction who tried to get them killed. 

The specs for this cutting-edge drone are in hidden files, which belong to the one and only Patricia Sharke. This heist takes place in the main Data Center of Scry Digital located on the edge of Ryan Park in New York City. 

Syntax Error Weapon Pack

The First PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error Is Out
Credit: PAYDAY 3 Official Website

As mentioned before, the Syntax Error DLC is bringing a lot of new things to the game and that includes new weapons with add-ons and cosmetic upgrades. The weapon pack includes 3 new weapons, 2 add-ons, a charm and a sticker. They are given as follows: 

  • Weapons:
      • WAR-45 SMG
      • FSA-I2G Shotgun
      • FIK 22 TLR Marksman Rifle 
  • Add-ons/ Weapon Upgrades:
      • Light Holographic Sight
      • Minimized Hook Stock
      • Flat-Side Stab Grip 
  • Cosmetics:
    • “Whistleblower” Weapon Charm
    • “BSOD” Weapon Sticker

Syntax Error Tailor Pack

The First PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error Is Out
Credit: PAYDAY 3 Official Website

A PAYDAY 3 DLC is not complete without the iconic tailor packs that include the masks and gloves. In the Syntax Error Tailor Pack, there are 4 new masks, gloves and outfits. All of them are complete outfits but as always, you can mix and match however you like. All of the cosmetics give off Syntax vibes, so we can definitely say that dressing for the job you want and not the one you have can be achieved easily.

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Needless to say, PAYDAY 3 is set to be even more amazing with the Syntax Error DLC because this heist is unlike any other heist that we have seen in the game. Hence, make sure to buy the PAYDAY 3 DLC as soon as possible. Check out other articles on ESTNN and stay tuned for more in the future. 

The First PAYDAY 3 DLC: Syntax Error Is Out
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