The First Auto Chess Invitational Begins Soon

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The First Auto Chess Invitational Begins Soon

In case you don’t know by now, Auto Chess was the “founder” of the new genre called auto battles which is quickly taking over the world. It all started with a casual custom game inside Dota 2. However, when people got to know how to actually play the game, it quickly became the most popular arcade game in Dota 2’s history. In fact, this story is very similar to Dota’s own story. After all, once it was just a custom game for Warcraft III designed by IceFrog.

After Valve saw how popular is Auto Chess, they tried contacting Drodo Studios in order to work something out. Sadly, both parties were unable to reach an agreement. This led to the creation of Dota Underlords, Valve’s own Auto Chess version which is currently one of the hottest games on Steam.

And if that was not enough, Riot Games also stepped in with their own project – Teamfight Tactics. Despite that, the original Auto Chess creators did not give up with their own project. That’s why we now have the chance to watch the first-ever Auto Chess Invitational.

New Tournament

The first-ever Auto Chess tournament will be played during the APAC Rivals Invitational. In fact, the final event between the top three players will be held live in Shanghai, China in just a couple of days from now.

In total, there will be 128 spots at this event. 32 of them will be given to the highest rank players in Oceania and the other Asian regions. Unfortunately, the others have to go through an online regional qualifier first.

In terms of prizes, there will be a $10K USD prize pool which will be divided between the top two players from each regional qualifier. Having said that, the winner of the final tournament will get $5K USD.

Tournament Format

The actual format of the tournament is very interesting. During the qualifying rounds, the players have to play on their personal mobile phones. However, the final matches will be played on PCs using emulators. Like, how cool is that?!


Unfortunately, there is no information about any future tournaments outside of China. After all, Drodo Studios partnered up with the Chinese broadcasters ImbaTV a couple of months ago, which means that they might have decided to solely focus on the Chinese scene, which is expected because it is essentially the biggest market in the world right now.

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The First Auto Chess Invitational Begins Soon
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