The Finals Patch Notes 1.4.1: Huge Nerfs to Aim Assist

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The Finals Patch Notes 1.4.1: Huge Nerfs to Aim Assist

The Finals’ developers are back to work as they release the first patch notes of the year

The Finals patch 1.4.1 is here, and it entirely revolves around the game’s aim assist. Although the game hasn’t been around for very long since its official release on December 7, aim assist has already become a controversial topic, with many claiming that it was way too strong.

In our article about the things that were ruining The Finals, we discussed how many PC players were using an exploit to get aim assist on mouse and keyboards. While we didn’t really bring up how strong aim assist was on controllers, it’s evident that a considerable chunk of the player base thinks that way.

It’s clear that the developers have been paying attention to these cries and are starting to roll out patches. Patch 1.4.1 strictly deals with aim assist, and according to the patch notes, another bigger one may be released in the upcoming week.

The Finals Patch Notes 1.4.1 Takeaway

Here are the most significant changes coming to The Finals with patch 1.4.1 going live:

No More Aim Assist on MnK

Some players discovered an exploit that allowed aim assist to work on mouse and keyboards. As you’d expect, this allowed them to have an unfair advantage over regular MnK players as well as players who already have aim assist on controllers.

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Patch 1.4.1 will prevent “clients running key re-mapping programs on PC” from having aim assist.

Aim Assist Will Ignore Invisible Players

One of the major bugs in The Finals was how aim assist could track Light Builds with Invisibility Cloak on, making the ability useless against controller players. This issue has been resolved with the newest patch.

Zoom Snapping Nerfs

Several zoom snapping nerfs have been mentioned in the patch notes, which will nerf aim assist on controllers. These are:

  • The Angular Velocity of Zoom Snapping has been capped, which will not allow quick 90-degree turns on controllers
  • Camera Magnetism has been lowered from 50% to 35%, lowering accuracy on controllers and preventing aim assist from sticking to an opponent
  • Zoom Snapping time has been lowered to 0.25s from 0.3s
  • SR-84 Sniper Rifle, Revolver, LH1 and all Shotguns will no longer have Zoom Snapping on aim assist

These changes point towards a thriving future for The Finals. The FPS has gained a massive concurrent player base in only around a month since its release. We are expecting nerfs to explosives and C4s in the upcoming patch, alongside new content.

The Finals Patch Notes 1.4.1: Huge Nerfs to Aim Assist
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