The Final Fantasy XIV Community Gives Back to MrHappy1227

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The Final Fantasy XIV Community Gives Back to MrHappy1227

Content creator Mrhappy1227 reached out to the FFXIV community for help, and received overwhelming support!


A smile better suits a Hero

While we're currently in the race to world first, clear of Dragonsong Reprise. Race participant and Final Fantasy XIV community mainstay Mrhappy1227, reached out to the community for support. The content creator had lost his father back in 2018 and his mother's amounting health issues only piled on financial pressure. While Mrhapy1227, real name Michael Poveromo managed together with his family to support his mother so far. There had been many stepping stones on the way. All of this had recently reached a breaking point, though. So the family decided to start a GoFundMe.

Mrhappy1227 decided to also reach out on his platform, to ask for support. Only to be met with overwhelming support by the community. The fundraiser quickly smashed the set goal of $50.000 USD and is now at the of writing at a whopping $98,252 USD. Michael then proceeded to thank anyone who had donated on his Twitter with his message:

Mrhappy1227 is probably best known for his coverage of Final Fantasy XIV and various streams. He's been one of the more prominent content creators and a pillar of the community since the game's launch. He has been invited to multiple media events, and did countless interviews with the team. And in all honesty, he's a pretty swell guy that always gave back to the community. Now we see that community itself is happy to give back. Especially to someone who no doubt had a heavy hand in shaping it into what it is today.

You can find Mrhappy1227 on Twitch, and follow him and fellow steamers while progressing the new Ultimate encounter. Or visit him on YouTube for general content, mostly focused on Final Fantasy XIV and the State of the Realm podcast.

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The Final Fantasy XIV Community Gives Back to MrHappy1227
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