The Day Before Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

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The Day Before Release Date And Everything You Need To Know

We got a The Day Before Release Date and more, right here.

The Day Before is one of the most wishlisted games on Steam at the moment and its due for a release pretty soon. So in we've took it upon ourselves to look into the pending release of FNTASTIC's upcoming Zombie Survival Game.

The Day Before

At first gaze, The Day Before aims to be a Zombie Survival MMORPG much in the vein of DayZ and everything that followed in its wake. Only that it focuses on offering a large open world that players will have to explore in order to survive.

Players can form uneasy alliances while they tackle objectives in the open world around New Fortune City and even build out their own hideout and stash in the later goings.

The Day Before Release Date

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After a series of issues regarding the copyright of The Day Before the game is now expected to be released into Early Access on December 7, 2023. Early Access will be prized at 39.99$ USD and the full release is expected to cost around 49.99$

The developers expect the game to be in Early Access for at least 6 more months. During that period they promise to keep a close eye on how players engage with the game and tackle the content available and will adjust and change things as feedback rolls in.

The Day Before Gameplay

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As for gameplay The Day Before seems to be a mix of DayZ's looking in open areas with the polish of modern AAA video game. The game is primarily played in third person and sees players loot and shoot their way through New Fortune City and its surrounding areas.

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Here they have to watch out for each other and keep an eye on the zombies roaming the streets as well as their fellow survivors. You can team up or fight with other players, maybe even betray them and leave them behind as long as it means you can secure survival.

Zombies will be abundantly scatted all across the map, with more dangouers variants stalking the night. You'll also be able to fix up and drive in vehicles on your looting trips.

As for the core gameplay loop, players will set out from a place called Woodberry which is set up as the main hub of the game. Here they can pick up quests and requests which will unlock new pieces of equipment and money. You can also visit the various training facilities of Woodberry to strengthen your character.

The game will also feature (according to a Reddit AMA) permadeath, which means that once your character is dead, you'll have to retread most if not all your progress. There is a way to store more valuable items though so we expect taht while players can lose equipment and their character, their progress won't be completely lost.

In addition to that, players will also unlock the ranch. Which is a sort of safehouse player can decorate, store their items at and hang out with their squad. How extensive that feature will end up being is left to be seen, but according to the Reddit AMA this feature will be a pillar of The Day Before's gameplay and progression.

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The Day Before Drama

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For a long time now, people have believed that The Day Before is not real. And while some influencers have already received codes, there are still some details that shine a bad light on the game and FNTASTIC.

The game is mainly developed by volunteers which provide the necessary coding and assets needed for such a project. How these volunteers are exactly compensated for their work is still up in the air the only thing we have confirmation on is that they have gotten access to the game.

The circumstances of the games release are also quite nebulous. It was initially expected to release earlier this year until a copyright issue caused the game to be removed from Steam's Store page until that copyright issue had been resolved. Apparently the issue was over the differences in Korean and US copyright law which have since been resolved, presumedly.

We'll have to wait until December 7 to find out if The Day Before is everything the developers promise it to be or if we're running into unexpected hiccups before the launch.

But we'll keep you posted on everything around The Day Before once the official release of its Early Access. For more on the latest games, check out our preview of Nakwon Last Paradise a zombie surivial extraction shooter by Dave the Diver developer Mintrocket. And for more esports and guides stick with us here on ESTNN

The Day Before Release Date And Everything You Need To Know
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