The 5 Highest Earning Twitch Streamers: Leaderboard of 2023

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The 5 Highest Earning Twitch Streamers: Leaderboard of 2023

While streaming is a hobby, you will be surprised to know about the earnings of it. Hence, here’s a list of the top 5 highest earning Twitch streamers

Twitch is one of the biggest platforms for gaming streams and communities, it has over 2.5 million viewers watching streams on a monthly basis. Some streamers have a higher viewer count while others have none, that’s how the Twitch demographic works. Of course, that also decides how much the streamer is earning from their streams depending on the viewership. Besides, Twitch streamers don’t only earn money from views, their earnings also come from things like donations, subscriptions, ads, sponsorships, selling merchandise and brand deals. This is why it is normal for anyone to be curious about who the top Twitch streamers are with their unique content. Hence, here is a list of the highest-earning Twitch streamers in 2023. 

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

The 5 Highest Earning Twitch Streamers: Leaderboard of 2023

Credit: ESPN Magazine

  • Age: 32
  • Streaming Started: 2011
  • Followers: 18.5M
  • Games: Fortnite Battle Royale


Richard Blevins, Richard Blevins, best known by the nickname he uses on the internet, “Ninja” is an American Twitch streamer, professional video game player and Youtuber. After joining the e-sports scene as a professional competitive Halo 3 player, he began streaming. Halo 3 is a first-person survival shooter game created and published by Bungie Inc. He played for multiple teams including Renegades, Cloud9, Team Liquidity and before retiring, Luminosity Gaming. He had a small community of followers back then during his peak e-sports era but his mainstream media Twitch journey began later when he started playing Fortnite Battle Royale. He is best known for the charming and funny personality that he portrays while playing Fortnite on his live streams.


Ninja is the highest-earning Twitch streamer in 2023, which is not surprising because he is the most followed streamer on Twitch. During a live stream, he told his viewers that he made $5M USD in a single month, which was during the peak of his career as a professional player. At present, he earns around $500K USD in a month on average, which is a vast sum of money. His source of money is not only his streams but also his famous Red Bull sponsorship, where he had his face on limited edition Red Bull cans. His amazing gaming skills have made him the top-earning streamer that he is today. His net worth is estimated to be around $40M USD. 

Alexandre “Gaules” Chiqueta


Credit: Intel Extreme Masters 2023

  • Age: 39 
  • Streaming Started: 2017
  • Followers: 3.9M 
  • Games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)


Alexandre Chiqueta, better known as “Gaules” is a Brazilian streamer, influencer and Youtuber. He is a former competitive e-sports player, who played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and also was a coach for other competitive e-sports players after retiring from his e-sports career. He started his professional gaming career in 2001 at g3nerationX (g3x). 

He retired from his professional e-sports career in 2008 during getting his degree in Marketing. He quit e-sports and started working at Samsung in the IT sector before he got a diagnosis of clinical depression and attempted suicide in 2017. He asked for help from his old friends at g3x and began streaming on Twitch with their help to afford his clinical depression medication and rent. 


At present, Gaules is considered one of the biggest Brazilian Twitch streamers and he is the second highest earning Twitch streamer in 2023 with a loyal fanbase on all platforms, who enjoy his content thoroughly. His content is mainly focused on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), which he plays on a live stream with amazing skills. He also plays games of other genres like story mode. He has also done multiple commentary streams on games of the Sports genre like NBA 2K23. On average, Gaules earns $410K USD on a monthly basis from his live streams and brand deals with brands such as Budweiser, Nivea and Red Bull. At present, his net worth is estimated to be around $4M USD. 

Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar


Credit: summit1g/Twitter

  • Age: 36 
  • Streaming Started: 2013
  • Followers: 6.2M
  • Games: Variety


Jaryd Lazar, better known as “summit1g” is an American Twitch streamer, Youtuber and content creator. He was a former professional competitive e-sports player playing the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some of the teams he played for include Mythic, Team Liquid and Splyce. He retired from e-sports many years ago and took to streaming full-time as a career playing WarZ and of course, CS:GO. In 2018, he became the most viewed and followed channel on Twitch’s platform, surpassing the game developer's channel, Riot Games. In 2020, he ended up signing a multi-year contract with Twitch for partnership support and for providing content. He streams a variety of games such as Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV), Raft, Halo Infinite and SCUM.


At present, Jaryd is the third highest earning Twitch streamer of 2023 with a relatively huge subscriber count of almost 25K on Twitch compared to his follower count of 6.2M. He is best known as a former professional competitive e-sports player for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and for his skillful gameplays. He is roughly earning an average of $276K USD on a monthly basis from all of his content. It is obvious that most of his earnings come from his high Twitch subscribers count alongside his viewers count. He even reached an all-time high of 90K subscribers on his Twitch channel once upon a time. His current net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $7M to $8M USD. 

Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff


Credit: FaZe Clan/Youtube

  • Age: 32 
  • Streaming Started: 2011
  • Followers: 6.7M
  • Games: Variety


Nick Kolcheff, better known by his internet alias, “NICKMERCS” is an American Twitch streamer, Youtuber, competitive e-sports player and bodybuilder. He used to be a former member of the American lifestyle and gaming organization named 100 Thieves in 2016 before leaving it in May 2019 because of differences. He then joined FaZe Clan or FaZe, an entertainment and professional e-sports gaming organization as a professional e-sports player in the same month. He is best known for his Fortnite Battle Royale and Call of Duty gameplays that he streams on his Twitch channel. He holds multiple world records for Fortnite Battle Royale including the most squad and duo kills. He is best known as a skilled console Fortnite Battle Royale player.


At present, Nick is the fourth highest-earning Twitch streamer on the platform with only 6.7M followers on his Twitch channel. Yet, the twist is that despite his low follower count, he has a whopping amount of 38K subscribers in total. Because of this, he earns an average of $232K USD on a monthly basis from his streams, subscriptions and loyal fanbase. He plays a variety of games such as Apex Legends and of course, Fortnite Battle Royale with amazing skills, which his fans love. He is very appreciative of his fans and always builds more engagement with them however he can. His current net worth is estimated to be $4M USD, considering his Twitch earnings and brand deals. 

David “TheGrefg” Martinez


Credit: TheGrefg/Twitter

  • Age: 26 
  • Streaming Started: 2012
  • Followers: 11.5M
  • Games: Variety


David Martinez, better known by his internet alias, “TheGrefg” or “Grefg” is a Spanish Twitch streamer, Youtuber, writer and content creator. He is one of the most followed Spanish streamers on Twitch’s platform with 11.5M followers. He is one of the top Spanish creators on Youtube with over 20 million subscribers. He has written and published three books thus far with the first titled “Rescate en White Angel (The G-Squad)”, the second titled “Los secretos de YouTube” and the third titled “Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre esports”. His third book was made in collaboration with MethodzSick and Goorgo. He was the holder of the Guinness World Record for the highest amount of concurrent viewers on a Twitch stream. 


In 2023, David is the fifth highest-earning Twitch streamer besides being one of the most followed streamers and Youtubers. Considering Grefg’s charming personality and amazing collaborative content, it is no surprise that he is on the list of the top-earning streamers. He has done multiple sponsorships and brand deals, including a brand deal with San Miguel, which is a brewery with one of the best-selling beers to ever exist. His primary content includes gameplays of games like Fortnite, but he is focusing more on the sports genre of gaming after becoming Saiyan FC’s president. He is earning an average of $213K USD every month from all his content. His net worth is estimated to be $9.8M USD in 2023. 


Needless to say, Twitch streaming is not just a hobby! A streamer can make a living by streaming and other related content quite easily. They need to present something unique and entertaining in the community that will attract viewers to their streams. Hence, take a look at our list of the 5 highest-earning Twitch streamers in 2023 and take inspiration from them! 

The 5 Highest Earning Twitch Streamers: Leaderboard of 2023
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