The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023

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The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023

Twitch is a vast platform with many streamers, but who are the most followed ones? Keep on reading to find out

As we know, Twitch is the world’s leading platform for gaming live streams and communities, there are millions of streamers present on their platform. Yet, not all of them are popular or have a large fan following on their channels. Hence, the question arises: who are the people on the top with the most fan followers? No need to look further because here are the 5 most followed Twitch streamers as of 2023.

Richard “Ninja” Blevins 

The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023Credit: Ninja 

  • Age: 32
  • Streaming Started: 2011
  • Followers: 18.5M
  • Games: Fortnite

Richard Blevins, Richard Blevins, best known by the nickname he uses on the internet, “Ninja” is an American Twitch streamer, professional video game player and Youtuber. He began streaming after joining the e-sports scene as a professional competitive Halo 3 player, which is a first-person survival shooter game created and published by Bungie Inc. He played for multiple teams including Team Liquidity, Cloud9, Renegades and the newest, Luminosity Gaming. He had a small community of followers back then during his peak e-sports era but his mainstream media Twitch journey began later. It began when he started playing Fortnite Battle Royale, which is a self-explanatory video game created and published by Epic Games, right after the game was released. The live stream that caused a massive surge in his following was one where he played Fortnite with Juju Smith-Schuster, Travis Scott and Drake in 2018. That live stream broke the peak viewer count or concurrent viewers record on Twitch’s platform at the time with 635K viewers being present.

Right after that stream, he kept rising in the ranks and quickly became the first Twitch streamer to hit 3M followers on his Twitch channel in 2018. It is believed that Ninja’s surge in popularity goes hand in hand or is tied with Fortnite Battle Royale, the game’s massive success. At present, Ninja has 18.5M followers on his Twitch channel, making him the most followed streamer on Twitch’s platform. He is still best known for the charming and funny personality that he portrays while playing Fortnite and other games on his live streams. 

Raúl “AuronPlay” Genes 

The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023Credit: AuronPlay

  • Age: 34
  • Streaming Started: 2019
  • Followers: 15.4M
  • Games: Various

Raúl Genes, best known by his internet alias or nickname, “AuronPlay” or “Auron” is a Spanish Youtuber, comedian and Twitch streamer. He began his journey on social media with Youtube in 2009 with video review content, which slowly increased his popularity over time. In 2018, he uploaded a video titled “YOUTUBE´S MOST ANNOYING CHILD”, which is his most popular video to this date with 50M views. 

He began his Twitch channel in September 2019 and then took one of the biggest decisions of his mainstream media career. Auron left behind his main Youtube channel in 2020, deciding to focus solely on his second Youtube channel and Twitch channel full-time. At present, he live streams a variety of video gaming content including games such as Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV), Gang Beasts and Rust and social or commentary content on his Twitch channel, keeping up with the theme from his Youtube channel. What was supposed to be a hobby of making commentary videos of other internet videos on his Youtube channel, made him the second most followed Twitch channel on Twitch’s platform with 15.4M fan followers.

Ibai “Ibai” Garatea 

The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023Credit: Ibai

  • Age: 28
  • Streaming Started: 2014
  • Followers: 15M
  • Games: League of Legends (LoL)

Ibai Garatea, better known by his online alias, “Ibai” is a Spanish Twitch streamer, e-sports caster or commentator and social media Celebrity. He is a former content creator for the e-sports team, G2 Esports, where he had been a member from 2020 to 2021. He is also a co-owner of the Spanish e-sports organization named “KOI” alongside Gerard Piqué, a former football player. He started his e-sports casting or commentating career in 2014 at the young age of 19 in Season 7 of the League of Legends (LoL) professional competition, which is a multiplayer battle arena game online created and published by Riot Games. 

From there, he just kept rising higher and higher until he became the third most followed Twitch channel on Twitch’s platform with 15M fan followers. At present, he is focused on streaming full-time alongside many events and doing his esports casting per usual. He was named the most influential social media influencer by Forbes Spain in 2021, and honestly, it is well deserved.

Rubén “El Rubius” Gundersen 

The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023Credit: El Rubius

  • Age: 34
  • Streaming Started: 2021
  • Followers: 14.2M
  • Games: Various

Rubén Gundersen, better known by his online alias, “El Rubius”, “elrubiusOMG” or “Rubius” is a Spanish and Norwegian Twitch streamer, Youtuber, actor and businessman. He is the most subscribed Spanish Youtuber on Youtube’s platform. He also holds the record for having the most retweeted tweet ever since 2016. He began in mainstream media career on Youtube in 2006 but began regularly uploading videos in 2011.

The regularly uploaded videos were montage gameplays of the concurrent newest video game at the time, Skyrim, which is an open-world epic fantasy role-playing single-player video game created and published by Bethesda Game Studios. From there, his channel took off and he quickly rose high in the ranks garnering 10 million followers by 2015. He also appeared in the movie, “Uncharted” alongside celebrity actor, Tom Holland in 2021. He created his Twitch channel in 2021 after already being a successful Youtuber and now he is the fourth most followed Twitch channel on Twitch’s platform with 14.2M fan followers.

Félix “xQc” Lengyel

The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023Credit: xQc

  • Age: 27
  • Streaming Started: 2014
  • Followers: 11.9M
  • Games: Various

Félix Lengyel, better known by his online alias, “xQc” or “xQcOW” is a Canadian social media personality, former competitive e-sports player and Twitch streamer. He was a professional competitive e-sports player for the game Overwatch, which is a popular first-person shooter survival game created and published by Blizzard Entertainment. He began his e-sports career in 2016, joining the e-sports team named “Dallas Fuel” in late 2017, but that ended quickly in his position being dropped mid-season due to uncalled controversies. He then went on to represent Team Canada in the Overwatch World Cup from 2017 to 2019.

He began his streaming career early in 2014, even before he started his e-sports career. His initial streams consisted of League of Legends (LoL) gameplays, which is a multiplayer battle arena game online created and published by Riot Games. At present, he is primarily a reaction or commentary streamer on Twitch’s platform, for which he is well renowned and has held the place of most watched Twitch streamer for three consecutive years in a row. He also plays video games on his streams such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valorant and Rocket League, but it is a rare occurrence because most of the time he is scrolling through the community posts of subreddits on Reddit’s platform or reacting to random videos on the internet posted by people. He holds the place for the fifth most followed Twitch channel on Twitch’s platform with 11.9M fan followers, which is owed to his magnetic personality that draws viewers to him.


Because Twitch is such a huge platform with millions of streamers broadcasting their own content daily, it is hard to gain popularity there. Not only are there gaming content streamers on Twitch’s platform, but there are also other forms of creative content. Hence, those who get to climb the ladder to the top have to work hard for it and struggle all the way there. The top 5 most followed Twitch streamers in 2023 also worked very hard to get there, so they deserve the recognition that they get for their hard work. Now that you know who the top 5 most followed Twitch streamers are in 2023, go give them a follow and start watching their live streams today!


The 5 Most Followed Twitch Streamers As Of 2023
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