The 13 Best Pictures We Snapped at the Overwatch League Dallas Ultimate Weekend

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The 13 Best Pictures We Snapped at the Overwatch League Dallas Ultimate Weekend

Well, we're a week past the end of the Overwatch League Dallas Homestand, but we've got 13 of our best pictures that our photographers snapped at the event. Enjoy!

13. Fuel Fans were hyped for their first series against the Valiant

Overwatch League Dallas Homstand

12. Even Reinhardt has to take a breather every now and again.

OWL Dallas Fuel

11. Sometimes, you've got to pick a side.

Dallas Homestand Houston Outlaws

10. Sometimes you like the London Spitfire. Sometimes you don't have a jersey. Sneaky would approve.

Sneaky at the Overwatch League Dallas Homstand

9. We caught Guard getting a pep talk outside the venue. Though he never played, you can be sure he was ready.

London Spitfire Overwatch League

8. “Can I sit here?” Yes, Gesture. You most definitely can.

Gesture London Spitfire OWL

7. Hair FULL of Game Sense. Overwatch League

6. Ashe watching the show.

Ashe Overwatch Dallas Homstand

5. Homestand Weekend all ready to go.

OWL Dallas Homestand Weekend Arena 1 NicholasJohnson

4. Sometimes Uber goes rogue and casts from the stadium screen. We don't mind.

Mitch Leslie Uber Casting Overwatch League

3. Dedicated Puckett is dedicated.

Blizzard Production Value Puckett

2. There's no better feeling than winning. We're sure they'd agree.

Dallas Fuel Fans Celebrating

1. Mickie making Texas proud.

Mickie Dallas Fuel Overwatch League Homestand

Images VIA: Nicholas Johnson for ESTNN

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