Tfue Returning to Twitch and YouTube After Brief Hiatus

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Tfue Returning to Twitch and YouTube After Brief Hiatus

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is arguably the most popular Fortnite streamer on Twitch. With 11.3M subscribers on YouTube and nearly 7M followers on Twitch, Tenney is the cream of the crop in terms of high profile gamers. His name is synonymous with both Fortnite and the occasional bout with controversy. After taking a brief hiatus from streaming, it appears that Tenney is ready to resume his duties atop the Twitch streaming platform.

Tfue's Rise to the Top

Tenney began his ascension after joining FaZe Clan, which slowly went downhill due to a contract dispute. Tenney broke away from FaZe Clan and relied only on himself for content on both Twitch and YouTube. The aftermath of the FaZe split saw Tenney participating in multiple Fortnite tournaments leading into the Fortnite World Cup, which he qualified for. Although he performed below his own standards, Tenney maintains a dedicated fanbase on all social media platforms to this day.

Unfortunate Circumstances

In the midst of the Fortnite Champion Series, Tenney, along with former trio teammates Dennis “Cloak” Lepore and Tom “72hrs” Mulligan, successfully qualified for the FNCS Finals. A falling out then took place between Tenney and his trio teammates. This led to a mutual parting of ways, but Tenney continued competing in solo tournaments and searching for a new trio. Tenney found a new trio to compete alongside in Khanada and Alessandro “Liquid Fiber” Bonetello. It was at this point that Tenney’s mental struggles caught up with him.

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Tfue's Hiatus and Fortnite Champion Series


On September 13th, Tenney announced that he was due to the negativity occupying his mind. This did not stop Tenney from competing in Fortnite competitions. Alongside his new trio teammates, they qualified for the FNCS Finals in the final week of the qualifiers. Tenney, Khanada and Bonetello proceeded to secure a spot in the Grand Finals, where they ultimately finished in 22nd place. Not many expected such a performance out of this trio, but it is quite an accomplishment in such a short time together. After the FNCS Grand Finals, the question still remained. When would Tfue return to Twitch?

Tfue's Return

Tenney took to Twitter today to announce his much-anticipated return to the public eye. He made the announcement in a short video which depicted Tfue jumping from a bridge into a body of water. With the subtle text stating Tenney’s return on October 1st, fans and onlookers now have their answer. TwitchCon takes place this weekend, and Tenney is will compete in the Twitch Rivals Fortnite tournament alongside flyr and parpy. With 1.3M USD prize pool on the line, the Twitch star’s focus is on this tournament.

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What Can Fans Expect from Tfue's Return?

The re-emergence of Tenney in a competitive sense is worth noting. The Fortnite World Cup did not go as planned, but Tenney’s competitive fire has always been his driving force. He has never let up on Fortnite and strives to be the best regardless of where he ranks amongst the rest. Competitive Fortnite offers many opportunities to Tenney, and he maintains an admirable dedication to improve. We can expect Tenney to continue putting his effort into competitive Fortnite with the next season of the FNCS upon us.

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