TFT Patch 13.15 Notes

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TFT Patch 13.15 Notes

A look at the changes in the newest TFT patch.

TFT is a game rapidly changing. Just this last patch, Riot released two B—and C—patches midweek to help with the overperforming parts of the game, but a new patch is always welcomed in TFT to shake things up. And this TFT patch 13.15 is sure to do that with a long list of changes from a Piltover semi-rework to long-awaited Zaun changes. 

tft patch 13.15 changes
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Trait and champion changes on TFT Patch 13.15

The most impactful trait changes of the patch are:

  • Bastion: More resistances in the game so you can more reliably play a 2 Bastion opener.
  • Noxus: More base stats but less bonus increase. Aimed to make Noxus more consistent, but curb the highest of highs which sometimes can be too oppressive.
  • Void: Currently too dominant early but falls off quite hard, the changes are aimed at closing this gap.
  • Piltover: Changing how the loot system works completely. Now players don’t have to sacrifice power for loot, but also a full power T-Hex won’t be a balance nightmare either.
    • You will now gain both T-Hex Power and loot when you win! The T-Hex’s power has been brought down significantly to compensate. At lower loss streaks, the majority of the trait’s power will be in the loot. At higher loss streaks, the T-Hex’s power will be increased more so!
    • The T-Hex can no longer be sold for loot
    • The T-Hex no longer starts with 1 Charge
    • Loot tables have been adjusted
  • Zaun: Zaun mods can now be removed by benching the modded unit. Mods will be better suited to units being played.

Along with these traits, there are some big champion changes as well. Cassiopeia and Swain are two decent early game units with the new changes, and considering the base stat buffs to Noxus, the trait might become one of the best openers you can play.

Void is another comp getting buffed for its late game, and Rek’Sai and Kai’Sa are two good mid and late game carries getting individual buffs on the patch. Although Kassadin and Malzahar nerfs will make it a bit harder to play Void early game, but now on patch 13.15, this trait is one you can consider pivoting into during late game.

System changes

The 13.15 is very light when it comes to portal or Legend adjustments. Only three portals are touched in the patch—two of them adjusted and one entirely changed. Additionally, there is a change to the item distribution as well. Players can now expect to see 1 more of your components at Krugs or Wolves instead of at Raptors, on average.

  • [REMOVED:] Lavender Sea has been removed
  • [NEW:] The Hall Of The Nine has been added
  • The Hall Of The Nine: At the start of each stage, everyone gets the same loot from a highly varied pool. In Hyper Roll, loot comes every other stage.
  • Petricite Forest has been renamed Ehrenmount.

On the Augments side, there are some bigger changes. Some of the more important ones are: Lee Sin On a Roll has been replaced with Bronze Ticket, Multicaster Heart is removed, Three’s Company and Two Healthy now only count unique champions.

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TFT Patch 13.15 Notes
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