TFT 13.24B Patch Ships Nerfs For Spear of Shojin, Buffs Less Popular Comps

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TFT 13.24B Patch Ships Nerfs For Spear of Shojin, Buffs Less Popular Comps

TFT 13.24 B Patch ships buffs for a series of underperforming champions and comps while including nerfs for more popular Augments and items such as Spear of Shojin.

Lead Game Designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer revealed the list of upcoming balance changes to the balance follow up to the Teamfight Tactics competitive Vegas Open TFT 13.24. The 13.24B Patch contains a plethora of Headliner champion bonus adjustments, ships nerfs for popular items, and more.

TFT 13.24B Patch Headliner champion changes

Pantheon, Riven, Blitzcrank and Riven get wrapped in a blanket of buffs for their Headliner champion health bonus. Meanwhile, Poppy gets his Headliner champ health increased to 200 and attack damage increased to 15. Qiyana gets her Attack damage per copy reduced to about 2 percent. Mana reduction for Ziggs has been increased to 15. Four champions get their health buffed. The changes are listed below as revealed in the balance sheet revealed by the Lead Game Designer on Twitter, Mortdog, who is popular for his interaction with his TFT community.

Olaf: Health Bumped to 150
Pantheon: Health buffed to 250
Riven: Health buffed to 200
Blitzcrank: Health adjusted to 200

    • Training Dummies: Base armor and magic resistance reduced from 40 to 30
    • Cutting Corners (Silver): XP reduced to three
    • On a Roll (Silver): Gold increased to three and limit per turn increased to three as well
    • Vampirism One (Silver): HP per missing five health reduced from four to two
    • Bigger Shot (Gold): Explosion attack damage percent increased to 75 percent
    • Blinged Out (Gold): Health per item reduced from 100 to 80

Inspiring Epitaph (Gold): Shield reduced to 25 percent

  • Little Buddies (Gold): Health per buddy reduced to 90 and attack speed per buddy reduced to nine percent
  • Low Interest Rates (Gold): Interest cap increased to three
  • Stars are Born (Gold): Gold increased to five
  • Three’s a Crowd (Gold): Health per three-cost reduced from 85 to 80
  • Too Big to Fail (Gold): Explosion increased to 40 percent and time before the large boom was reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Stationary Support Two (Gold): Can no longer roll Needlessly Big Gem
  • Stationary Support Three (Prismatic): Can no longer roll Needlessly Big Gem

TFT 13.24B Patch Item Changes

There are a handful of item changes in TFT’s newest balance patch. Items such as the Spear of Shojin have been consistently nerfed. The damage amplifcation on items such as as the blue buff has been reduced by 5 percent, while the Base Atack speed of the red buff has been reduced, too. Other items such as Runaan’s Hurricane get their base attack damage increased. Popular item Spear of Shojin gets his attack power and AD targeted by Riot in the follow up balance patch to 13.24 balance patch. Meanwhile, the Radiant blue blessing has been slightly reworked to grant 60 percent attack damage.

  • Blue Buff: Damage amplification on kill reduced from 15 to 10 percent
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate: Base armor and magic resistance increased to 35
  • Red Buff: Base attack speed reduced to 40 percent
  • Runaan’s Hurricane: Base Attack Damage has been buffed to 25 percent
  • Spear of Shojin: Base AD and AP reduced to 20
  • Radiant Blue Blessing: This item grants 60 percent attack damage while the damage amplification on kill has been decreased to 20 percent

TFT 13.24B Patch Release Date

TFT 13.24B patch ships is scheduled to drop on live servers and mobile servers across all regions for all the supported platforms on December 13 at Noon PT. The balance patch was planned to be the game’s next big patch AKA 13.25 after the TFT Vegas Open, but the game’s lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” explained Riot’s decision to ship it as Balance patch for 13.24.

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