Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victim – 5 Tips and Tricks

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victim – 5 Tips and Tricks

Here are all the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victim Tips and Tricks you need to escape from the family.

In the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you can play as one of 4 victims and get chased around by 3 friendly cannibals who just want to have you for dinner. If you're familiar with these asymmetrical multiplayer horror titles, you might find many things you know and some you don't.

While chasing a group of teenies around might sound like fun at first, being on the other end of the chainsaw is just as, maybe even more fun. So here are our tips for playing as a Victim.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victim Tips and Tricks

But first, let's do a quick rundown of the Victim Gameplay. You start trapped in the basement in one of several locations and have to make a daring escape. Getting out of the basement while being chased around by a leather and chainsaw enthusiast soon becomes just one of your troubles.

The basement has several exits that lead into the house or its surrounding areas. Now you have to get out. Either through one of the gates on each end of the map or the underground sewers. Relatively straightforward if it wasn't for the traps and psycho's on the loose.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family

1. Divide and Conquer (Escape)

In horror movies, it's usually a bad idea to split up. In Texas Chainsaw Massacre the opposite is the case. There is no task that requires more than one player and being a flock of scared teenagers just sets you up to be killed. If three of you are being chased around, the fourth can get to picking locks while everyone else is distracted.

2. Stock Up Whenever You Can

Be it health potions, screwdrivers, or bone knives. Chances are something useful is lying around somewhere in the family's compound. Don't worry about making too much noise especially early on, having at least one or two items at the start of the round will give you a huge advantage later on.

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3. Bully Grandpa

We here at ESTNN don't support the abuse of the elderly, but if said elderly get high on the blood of freshly killed teenagers that rule can get stretched at least a little.

Around the map, you'll find various piles of bones. Simply rummage around in them to find a bone knife and stab Grandpa with them (he has fixed locations on each map). This will alert the entire family so be careful, but it will also cause him to de-level which is nerves the family's ability to track you down.

4. Jumping Down Well's Is Always An Option

We get it, the basement is a scary place. But sometimes when you're chased around by a couple of hillbilly's the only way out is going down. Jumping down one of the many wells will take you back into the underground but also far away from the family, since they can't jump down.

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It's also a great way to avoid damage and will not set you back as much as you expect, as long as you learn the maps. Especially in the late game, the basement tends to be rather empty so you use this opportunity to stock up on resources.

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5. Be Weary Of Your Surroundings

You play a completely different game in Texas Chainsaw Massacre when you're a Victim. Suddenly the chickens in their little cages are dangerous noise machines you have to avoid and everything makes a noise that will lure the family to your location.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Half a wall or a dark corner is often enough to hide from a killer chasing after you and tall grass is genuinely a great place to hide.

Try to memorize the spots and little hidey holes. These tend to be more effective than hiding in a wardrobe or a coolbox.

And that sums up our Tips for playing Victim in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We also have some tips on how to play as the Family here.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Victim – 5 Tips and Tricks
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