Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family – 5 Tips and Tricks

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family – 5 Tips and Tricks

Here are all the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family tips you're ever going to need.

In Texas Chainsaw Massacre you have the opportunity to play as the Family and terrorize your victims in teams of three. If you're familiar with games such as Dead by Daylight there are a lot of things that might stick out to you as vastly different.

Your task is no longer just hunting down survivors but also doing some fair bit of leg work to make sure your stomping grounds are secured. You don't want to disappoint Grandpa, do you? So here are our tips and tricks for playing as a family.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family Tips and Tricks

Let's do a quick rundown of the gameplay of the family before getting started. If you play as the family, you get grouped with two other players and get to play as one of the members of said family. While all of them have their specific subset of abilities, their gameplay remains largely the same unless you're playing as Leatherface.

Secure the property, feed Grandpa blood, and make sure none of those pesky teenagers escape. For that, you have access to your character's abilities as well as the environment itself. You need to make sure doors stay locked, potential escape routes get regularly checked and make sure to terrorize your victims so nothing gets done.

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1. Learn Your Character

This might sound obvious now but knowing the ins and outs of your character is one of the most important things in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

As Sissy, for example, you want to memorize the locations of health items you can then poison. As Leatherface, you want to get the timing of his Chainsaw Reving mechanic down and as Hitchhiker you want to optimize trap placement.

Most of these things will come naturally to you while playing for a while, but it's worth honing one character instead of bouncing between several.

2. Always Lock Doors

Should go without saying but locking doors is incredibly important throughout an entire round. No matter if someone from your beloved family is right behind you, lock those doors. We can not tell you about the many times one of those buggers managed to slip through.

If you spy an open door, it's worth investigating. But take that little bit of extra time to lock it behind you. There might be more victims and you can cut their escape routes short.

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3. Feed Grandpa

If you stalk the map, you may have noticed those buckets of blood everywhere. Make sure to harvest that blood if you're not hunting someone. While it's not worth running back to Grandpa every single time, it is worth going back to him after doing a round or two.

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Feeding Blood to Grandpa will level up his abilities, allowing him to spot victims periodically if they are caught moving. You can even unlock additional perks as you progress through the game.

4. Coordinate Your Hunt

Having two or three raving lunatics chase just one guy down a cramped hallway doesn't usually yield the best results. While all of us love stealing kills from each other it's far from the most optimal thing to do. Too often we see the entire family run after one survivor while the rest makes their daring escape.

Only go after someone else's prey if they're coming in your direction. It's not worth spinning all the way to the other end of the map just to get a stab or two in.

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5. Destroy Everything as Leatherface

This should be a given but there are players who tend to ignore this. Leatherface can destroy doors, vaultable tables, and crawl spaces. Probably not the best idea when chasing someone but nothing throws a survivor off more than cutting off their usual escape routes. You want to be careful with doors though unless you plan to terrorize your victims even further.

That sums up our 5 tips for playing as the Family in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can also learn some tips about playing the victims here.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Family – 5 Tips and Tricks
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