Tekken 8- Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer Released

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Tekken 8- Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer Released

Tekken's flagship protagonist is here, as Tekken 8 shows off Jin Kazama gameplay.

Several weeks ago, Bandai released the reveal and gameplay trailer for Nina Williams. Last week, they dropped the gameplay trailer for Kazuya Mishima. And now, we get the gameplay trailer for his son Jin.

Those new to Tekken might not notice just how awesome this reveal trailer is. Jin has spent years despising his Devil Gene and wanting nothing more than to destroy it. But Tekken 8 Jin is in complete control, and he is using his Devil Gene to further his benevolent purpose of ending the Mishima Clan's evil. The character development of Jin going from thinking power is everything to thinking strength isn't everything is nice too.

The developers incorporated some of Devil Jin's moveset into Jin's, similarly to how they added some of Devil Kazuya's moveset to Kazuya's. This is the most spice Jin has ever added to his relatively static moveset. For Jin mains, this is a massive W.

From the initial Tekken 8 reveal trailer, we know that Jin, Kazuya, Paul, Law, King, Lars, Jack-8, and Jun Kazama will be challengers in the latest and greatest King of the Iron Fist. It'll be interesting to see whether the next reveal trailer will be for someone we already know is coming, or a new reveal like Nina. Stay tuned!



Tekken 8- Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer Released
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