Team Liquid Launches Fan-Engagement Platform Liquid+

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Team Liquid Launches Fan-Engagement Platform Liquid+

Team Liquid is engaging fans like never before.

Premier esports organization Team Liquid has launched Liquid+ today. This is a new platform that will link everything TL together for fans to watch and interact with, while also rewarding them for it. So if you're a TL fan, this is your opportunity to get some sweet rewards for doing what you already love.

Fans can link various social media accounts to Liquid+, where their engagement with Team Liquid and their streamers is tracked. Meanwhile, you'll participate in “quests” and achievements, which are supposed to focus on TL events and expose fans to new streamers and games. Through all of this, you'll gain points. These points can be redeemed for a ton of Team Liquid themed rewards, including apparel, in-game currency and experiences. You can even snag tickets to big esports events too!

A screenshot of the Liquid+ rewards shop, with boxes featuring Team Liquid apparel, gaming currency and esports event tickets
Some samples of rewards from Liquid+.

Throughout your time on Liquid+, the site will track your lifetime points. What this will do is, first, rank your membership status up, but also allows the most diehard fans to unlock exclusive opportunities. Finally, fans who demonstrate their undying TL love can share their story with the org and have a unique page set up for them. It's the way to leave your own mark with Team Liquid!

In the beginning, Liquid+ will be accessible for browsers only. A mobile app version is on its way in 2021 though. With this program, Team Liquid will gain precious insight into its fan base and community. This means they'll be able to connect with fans even better in the future.

Those interested in joining the beta can sign up for it, but only 500 people will get in at first. Fortunately, more spaces will be added periodically, with the beta hopefully ending this year.

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