Team Heretics vs KOI Preview and Predictions: LEC Summer Split 2023

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Team Heretics vs KOI Preview and Predictions: LEC Summer Split 2023

Two reinvigorated Summer teams fight for the pride of Spain in the LEC's second Match of the Week. Read all in our Team Heretics vs KOI LEC Summer Split preview

If having two disastrous splits was all it took to have a near-undefeated run, Team Heretics has certainly paid the price. Now standing in the top 4, Flakked and co. are going to do whatever it takes to maintain their lead over the other LEC hopefuls. Hot on their tails are the reigning summer champions KOI, who are hungry for the familiar taste of sunny victory.  The Comp-led roster is familiar with slow starts that often lead to deep runs, and are more confident than ever. If you plan to bet on the LEC or make predictions of your own, this Team Vitality vs MAD Lions preview guide is for you.

Team Heretics vs KOI Preview

Team Heretics

The LEC stage has always been one for unexpected comebacks, and Team Heretics are rising to the occasion. With 3 clean wins over the past 2 weeks, the boys are enjoying their Summer Split so far. And despite focusing TOO much on picks at times, they've come out on top so far in the bo1's. With plenty of factors to consider as they take on KOI's formidable top carry Szygenda, a lot of eyes will be on TH's botlane duo to see if they can make up for any deficits.

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Team Heretics Roster

  • Shunsuke “Evi” Murase (Top)
  • Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski (Jungle)
  • Vincent “Vetheo” Berrié (Mid)
  • Victor “Flakked” Tortosa (ADC)
  • Mertai “Mersa” Sari (Support)

Lineup of Team Heretics LEC Summer Team Heretics vs KOI preview


If KOI's fans know anything, it's that perseverance is key in the long run. That said, KOI's playmaking on the Rift hasn't been as potent as it was in the previous splits. Some innovation may be warranted before they reach the midpoint of the regular season. That said, The purple team's win potential always skyrockets when they find their footing and start playing consistently. So if there was an underdog to root for in the Summer split, it's going to be KOI.

KOI Roster

  • Mathias “Szygenda” Jensen (Top)
  • Kim “Malrang” Geun-seong (Mid)
  • Emil “Larssen” Larsson (Mid)
  • Markos “Comp” Stamkopoulos (ADC)
  • Henk “Advienne” Reijenga (Support)

KOI vs Team Heretics Predictions

There isn't much history to look at between the two heavy-hitters this year due to TH getting eliminated early 2 splits in a row. That being the case, we can only compare KOI's apex in Spring groups to TH's sudden burst of vigor in the regular season, and all signs point to another TH victory. Granted, 3 wins in the bo1 stage isn't much to brag about, but KOI's recent lack of map awareness has become easy to exploit.

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How to watch Team Vitality vs MAD Lions

Keep an eye on the LEC’s Twitch or YouTube channels. The thrilling continuation of the Summer Regular Season is set to begin on June 25 – 16:00 PT // 19:00 ET // 18:00 CEST

For extra previews on all the major LEC matchups, follow ESTNN.

Team Heretics vs KOI Preview and Predictions: LEC Summer Split 2023
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