Team BDS vs JDG Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1

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Team BDS vs JDG Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1

Yes, Adam picked Garen. Read on to find out what happened in Team BDS' first match against the LPL in Worlds 2o23. Team BDS vs JDG – LEC vs LPL

One of the more lopsided matches in the Swiss stage led to one of the most spectacular matches of the day. In a no-holds-barred match-up, JDG ran a stock-standard composition with a ton of damage and met Adam and co. on the Rift after banning two heavily-reliable top-lane picks. When the dust settled, only one team remained standing.

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Team BDS vs JDG Recap

The pre-game tension could be cut with a knife. Before BDS and JDG came onto the stage, people were still reeling from watching GAM get absolutely handled by the unstoppable Gen.G in a 22 minute match. That said, the rising stars in the LEC still stood a chance against their adversaries despite what the numbers said.

After the draft kicked off, it was clear the JDG wanted to limit Adam's choices from the outset. With Olaf and Darius out of the pool, there was really only one pick that the audience wanted to see – and we got it!

Team BDS vs JDG

Seeing Garen wildcards in big-ticket tournaments is always a treat, and with Demolish and Stridebreaker, Adam completely took control of nearly every skirmish in the early-game.

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After the 15-minute mark, JDG was finding ways to hit back despite the 1k gold difference. They defended the midlane with a ton of commanding presence, and drifted down towards drake when they had BDS outnumbered, but it wasn't the end of the world for the EU team yet.

Into the midgame, soul point went to JDG, and 369's Ornn constantly kept nuc on his toes. At this point, winning big objectives and pushing back the wave was going to be a tall order for the LEC #4 seed.

Team BDS vs JDG

After the dust settled, JDG was able to reclaim every advantage Adam and co. took in the midgame. After two flawless team clashes, the LPL #1 seed emerged victorious in an absolute banger of a bo1 that highlighted the essence of what makes LoL esports so fun to watch.

Quick Stats

Teams: Team BDS – JD Gaming
Time: 27:04
Kills: 6 – 14
Turrets: 5 – 9
Gold: 47.0k – 53.2k
Dragons: 1 – 3
Barons: 0 – 1

How to watch Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

Keep an eye on the Riot Games & LoL Esports Twitch or YouTube channels. The Main Event of Worlds 2023 continues on October 19 at 01:00 ET/00:00 CST/22:00 PT.

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Team BDS vs JDG Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1
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