Taskmaster VR Game – Experience Most Chaotic Challenges

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Taskmaster VR Game – Experience Most Chaotic Challenges

A taskmaster VR game is coming! How will the TV game show translate over to the world of video games and what do we know so far?

The VR genre has been slowly building over the last few years, while not quite mainstream there are plenty of experiences which you can only have in VR that have gotten it a dedicated fan base. A recent announcement adds another name to this roster with a game that could only happen in this medium. The popular Taskmaster TV show is getting a video game, and it’s a dedicated VR title.

Taskmaster is a British show where comedians (usually best known for their time on the comedy panel show circuit) complete tasks in a house. The tasks can be difficult, mundane, or just little puzzles. While the tasks aren’t anything too outside of the ordinary, they often give enough difficulty to make for an entertaining half hour. It’s a format which can lead to a lot of fun. While this might seem like a strange pick for a VR game, the physics simulator style shown so far looks like it might translate pretty well. Much like horror games on VR, this is another genre that’s flourished here.

Scallyway Arcade are producing a new VR Taskmaster game. We know quite a bit about what this new game is going to be and how it’ll work.

Taskmaster VR Game Coming

Taskmaster VR Game

The new Taskmaster video game that’s been announced is coming from the producers of the show and Scallwag. It’s a VR exclusive game which aims to put you in the shoes of a contestant on the show. Players will be able to get involved with the game on the Meta Quest 2 and 3, although it won’t be supposed by the first Quest. That’s becoming pretty standard for major video game releases on VR.

The title will see players heading to the Taskmaster house to take part in challenges. Much like the show, these challenges will focus on fairly normal items and things. However, you’ll likely turn into some chaos trying to actually complete the task. In VR, it will be making extensive use of physics, to get some fun out of trying to accomplish something like smashing a watermelon.

There are a few things we can look to and see why this is a good fit for VR. The style of VR game that handles physics made difficult is pretty popular. Taskmaster’s entire premise seems pretty well aligned to fit a VR game.

In the Taskmaster VR Game, you’re taking the role of a contestant in the show. It’s a purely single-player experience but you can still compete to win the challenge.

Along with creating fun gameplay out of the challenges in the show, it’s taking a detailed approach to recreating the show’s experience.

Taskmaster Video Game Recreates Core Experience of Show

Taskmaster VR Game

In any tie-in video game here’s an element of wanting to recreate the experience you get from the show. The Taskmaster VR game takes a more cartoony art style, but other than that it seems like a loving recreation. It’s set in the house with the full grounds that you’ve seen. It’s also fully voiced, with Greg Davies recording quite a bit of dialogue for the Taskmaster game. That going to help make the experience a bit more engaging.

Taskmaster Video Game System Requirements

  • OS –  Windows 7 or later
  • Proessor – Intel i5-4590 or better
  • Memory – 4 GB
  • Graphics – Nvidia GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 290 or better
  • Storage – 1 GB Space
  • VR only

When Is the Taskmaster Game Out?

Taskmaster VR Game

The Taskmaster VR Game seems like a fun distraction, especially for fans of the show. The game is already listed for pre-order as a wishlist on Steam. There isn’t a full release date for the game yet. However, we’ll expect to see a bit more news and a full Taskmaster VR game release date pretty soon!

Taskmaster VR Game – Experience Most Chaotic Challenges
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