Talisa Whisperbloom WoW 10.2 and how to get Seedbloom

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Talisa Whisperbloom WoW 10.2 and how to get Seedbloom

Talisa Whisperbloom is our new “Buy cool stuff” vendor in The Emerald Dream, so let's take a look at where she is, and what she's selling.

If you want some cool transmogs, and some really cool pets and mounts, then Talisa Whisperbloom is your girl. This NPC sells items at a cost of one Seedbloom, more on those later, and she has some great items. The pets and mounts unlock at Renown 11 and 18 respectively, but the transmogs are all unlocked from the start. So, let's take a look at some of the highlights and also how to get Seedbloom.

Talisa Whisperbloom Transmogs

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Below you'll see the cloth, leather, mail, and plate sets. Each part costs one Seedbloom, so it will take some time to get them all. Talisa also sets a full set of weapon transfmogs, also costing one Seedbloom per item.

Talisa Whisperbloom Cloth Set
Talisa Whisperbloom Cloth Set
Leather set
Talisa Whisperbloom Leather Set

mail set

Talisa Whisperbloom Mail Set

plate set
Talisa Whisperbloom Plate Set

How to get Seedbloom

Bugged at launch, Seedbloom is rewarded by the quest “Blooming Dreamseeds ” offered to players by Talisa Whisperbloom once per week. The quest simply tasks players with planting five Dreamseeds in a week before offering up the reward. If you did this and did not get the reward, check your mail as Blizzard has sent out the missing Seedbloom to players who were not awarded the item on opening day.

You can find out more about Dreamseeds in our guide, which explains how to get them, where they are, and what to do with them. We also update the guide with new sources for the Dreamseeds as those become clear during the patch cycle.

Talisa Whisperbloom WoW 10.2 and how to get Seedbloom
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