How to Find Dreamseed Dragonflight 10.2 Emerald Bounty

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How to Find Dreamseed Dragonflight 10.2 Emerald Bounty

Dreamseed is a new event in the 10.2 Emerald Grove patch. Here's how to do it, and where to find the seeds for the Emerald Bounty events.

While adventuring in 10.2 you'll be greeted by a flower marker on your map, or players in /1 speaking about a seed event. That's what we're here to talk about today, so let's get into it and find out about the Emerald Bounty event.

How to find Dreamseed

Skill stuff. It's really that simple. Mobs will drop them, then head to a Growth Cycle (pictured above) and start the event. If someone else has started it already, then bonus, you don't know how to use your Dreamseed. These come in three variants, from easy to find all the way to the the hardest to find.

  • Small Dreamseed – easy to get, mostly just from killing stuff in the world.
  • Plump Dreamseed – Rewarded from Emerald Bounty events (medium trade goods reward) – Great Crates – Can also drop from kills and most major quests
  • Gigantic Dreamseed – Rewarded from Emerald Bounty Events (large trade goods reward) – major quests – Major Bloom event

Basically, to get the Plump and Gigantic Dreamseed you'll need some help from other players. Plump and Gigantic are mostly rewards from the Weekly Supply Shipment quests, more on that at the end.

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Tip: A good way to get near endless Dreamseed is from the Superbloom event that starts every hour.

Emerald Dewdrops Reward and where to find

dreamseed ui

As you can see above, the rewards you get depend on what you contribute. Don't be fooled, however, by the “tick” that appears on the Small Emerald Bloom. While it does mean you have secured that level of reward, adding more via the “Dreamseed Nurturing” bar will offer a better reward. Also, as you can see you'll also get a second reward, shown on the left above. This can vary, but we've had the Plump Dreamseed one a few times already.

Drewdrops are a currency, so once you've completed the bar you can continue to collect them for later events.

Dreamseed tick

Note: You must get the tick (shown above) to actually get the rewards.

Dreamseed plants

You'll find Emerald Dewdrops in the surrounding areas, from pulling up weeds (shown above) to killing local hostile flowers (shown on the left of the above picture) or stepping on the bugs (shown right). The rewards from these are the Small Emerald Bloom, Medium Emerald Bloom, and Large Emerald Bloom. These will offer you rewards; FLightstones, Dream Energy (used for the Dream Infusuions to buy mounts and pets), pets, and a chance at the Winter Night Dreamsaber mount.

Winter Night Dreamsaber

Weekly Supply Shipments

Shipment goods vendorsShipment goods vendors location

This weekly quest is the best way to pick up those Plump and Gigantic Dreamseeds.  Head to the Central Camp in Amirdrassil (above) and head to the tent pictured below.

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Shipment goods

How to Find Dreamseed Dragonflight 10.2 Emerald Bounty
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