T1 vs BLG Preview and Predictions – LoL Worlds 2023

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T1 vs BLG Preview and Predictions – LoL Worlds 2023

It's another clash of high-level plays from the eastern bloc as T1 vs BLG tear through the Worlds stage on Day 8.

BLG has had a good go at the Swiss stage so far. Bin and co. were able to climb the standings after winning against LCK and LEC teams, making it very clear that they've kept up their form since mid-season invitationals. On the other hand, T1 has just come out of the most dominant win we've seen so far, running a deathless bo1 against C9. Will the LCK legends make it out with a series win, or will we see a repeat of MSI 2023 semifinals?

Faker's quest for revenge continues with BLG — the team that eliminated T1 from MSI back in May. If you want to bet on League of Legends or love the game, this T1 vs BLG esports preview is for you!


T1 vs BLG Preview


T1's competitive edge is legend, and we're only now seeing them perform at their fullest potential in Worlds 2023. Despite a slow start in their 50/50 skirmish vs Team Liquid, the unkillable demon king's squad pulled through with 2 wins so far, and they're likely to get more, so long as Oner doesn't get outmatched in the Jungle again.

LoL Devs Target Turrets to Curb Lane Swaps

T1 Roster

  • Toplaner: Choi “Zeus” Woo-je
  • Jungler: Mun “Oner” Hyeon-jun
  • Midlaner: Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok
  • ADC: Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong
  • Support: Ryu “Keria” Min-seok


Player to Watch

Faker is known for his mind-blowing plays, high-IQ strategies and deep runs in both international and domestic tournaments.

t1 vs wbg worlds 2023
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – OCTOBER 22: Choi “Zeus” Woo-je (L) and Mun “Oner” Hyeon-joon of T1 pose at the League of Legends World Championship 2023 Swiss Stage on October 22, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)


The fact that the LPL #2 seed has only lost to the MSI reigning champs says a lot of good things about their current composition. They're fast, they know how to position themselves during a deficit, and most importantly, they know the most painful ways to punish their opponents when they overextend.

To highlight a few members, Bin and Yagao are a killer combo, especially when the mid-laner locks in Orianna. That said, it's a different case when Yagao and co. go up against other LPL representatives.

BLG Roster

  • Toplaner: Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin
  • Jungler: Peng “Xun” Li-Xun
  • Midlaner: Zeng “Yagao” Qi
  • ADC: Zhao “Elk” Jia-Hao
  • Support: Luo “ON” Wen-Jun

Player to Watch

Watch out for Yagao's terrific set-ups whenever he plays his control mages.

BLG vs T1 Predictions

All things considered, T1's chances to take the bo3 look impressively high. But knowing BLG's surprise plays, it'll be a race for who gets the earlygame leads first, and a competition of who can maintain it the longest. Momentum will be key. So all signs point to a full series, with the LCK reps taking the victory.

LoL Devs Target Turrets to Curb Lane Swaps

How to watch T1 vs BLG

Keep an eye on the Riot Games & LoL Esports Twitch or YouTube channels. The Main Event of Worlds 2023 continues on October 27 at 03:00 ET/02:00 CST/00:00 PT.

For the latest updates on Worlds 2023, follow us on ESTNN.
T1 vs BLG Preview and Predictions – LoL Worlds 2023
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