Suzhou LNG vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1

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Suzhou LNG vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1

Here is your Suzhou LNG vs Fnatic Recap from Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1.

Both sides made their Worlds 2023 debut in the penultimate game of the day. It was an eventful day one prior to this, with T1 taking down Team Liquid, and C9 taking down MAD, but could Fnatic get over what would be a huge road bump to get them into the 1-0 pool for day 2 or would the Chinese Champions crush the EU sides hopes once again.

Suzhou LNG  vs Fnatic Recap

Suzhou LNG vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1

First blood was secured for LNG, after FNC forced a top lane dive that didn't go as planned. The botched dive resulted in LNG picking up two kills as FNC was caught out by forcing the play. As the game approached the 10-minute mark, things started to slow down as the gold lead closed to even. LNG is known for its mid to late-game style, FNC would need to get something on the board.

Moments later, however, LNG pulled the trigger again after Humanoid walked into his lower river. From that, LNG dropped the Herald in the mid-lane and secured a 1.5k gold advantage. From this play in the mid-lane, it all sort of fell apart for FNC. By the 14-minute mark FNC did finally claim two kills, but LNG are started to get ahead. The second Drake saw another fight go the way of LNG, claiming the Drake and three more kills for themselves. LNG are ruthless when punishing the FNC misplays, and FNC just couldn't keep up.

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Not even 20-minutes on the clock and LNG look to have the game in the bag already. FNC can barely leave their own base, with just low HP outer towers left. Trymbi forces an engagement, and while it started off poorly, FNC managed to make something out of it. A positive 3-for-2 trade in the favour of the EU side, maybe there was life in them yet. LNG turned that into a Baron shortly after, diluting any gain FNC got from the previous play. FNC continued to try and fight the good fight, but LNG just looked to be too far ahead. A great ultimate from Humanoid almost saw FNC win a huge fight at 23 minutes, but it ended evenly with FNC needing more gold to do the damage they needed.

Another Baron secured, and another chance for LNG to end the game. With just under 30 minutes on the clock, LNG entered the base, took down all five members of FNC and that was that. With that win, LNG make it 3-0 for LPL sides, while for EU, just one of their four sides walked away with a win on day one. There's a lot to do still for FNC as the Swiss bracket continues on Day 2. But the region as a whole has even more to do

Quick Stats:

Teams: LNG – FNC

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Time: 29:07

Kills: 22-9

Turrets: 9-4

Gold: 60.8k – 50.4k

Dragons: 2-2

Barons: 2-0

Suzhou LNG vs Fnatic Recap Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage Day 1
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