Super Mario RPG Smithy Boss Guide

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Super Mario RPG Smithy Boss Guide

Once you have reached the Weapon World area, towards the end of this area, you will have to prepare to face the one who is creating havoc in the game, namely the Super Mario RPG Smithy boss. Since he is an end-game boss, facing him will not be easy at all, and you will have to take some things into consideration in order to get the better of him. In this article, therefore, we will explain how to face and defeat the Super Mario RPG Smithy boss.

How to prepare for the Super Mario RPG Smithy boss fight

As we have already mentioned, the boss fight against Smithy is not at all simple, and you will have to base your strategy heavily on resistance and resource management if you want to get the better of him. However, there are also some things to take into consideration that can certainly help you in the fight, trying to make it less difficult.

One of the first things you should take into consideration are the level-up bonuses. In fact, as you advance more and more in level, you will have the opportunity to become increasingly stronger and therefore have an easier life against Smithy. Among the various statistics that you can increase, the one that we recommend you strengthen as much as possible is certainly that of Peach's magic. In fact, Smithy will make use of attacks that cannot be blocked and therefore Peach's healing abilities will be the ones that make the difference.

Since you will mainly focus on leveling up Peach's magic stat, we recommend that you spend your money on buying Pick Me Ups and Maple Syrups so that you can recover your Flower Points in case you run out of them. And this brings us to our next tip. In fact, another thing you should do before encountering the battle against Smithy is to increase the Flower Points limit, especially to be better prepared for the second phase of the battle.

Finally, we advise you to face the battle with Mario, Bowser, and Peach on your team, as this is the best combination to best face this battle and make it easier. Furthermore, as a bonus tip, try to start the fight with the gauge meter full so that you can inflict greater damage on the boss by making use of the Triple Move.

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Super Mario RPG Smithy

How to beat the Super Mario RPG Smithy boss

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Super Mario RPG Smithy boss, it's time to focus on the actual battle. As we said, it will not be an easy discount, but not a quick one either, since it is divided into two different phases. Below, we explain in detail the best strategy to use in each of the two phases in order to try to emerge unscathed.

Phase 1

As soon as the battle begins, Smithy will make use of a special move that cannot be blocked in any way. Once you land this move, you will have the opportunity to attack him. However, pay attention to the fact that there is also another enemy in the arena that will help Smithy create weaker enemies that will try to distract you from your real goal. In any case, our advice is to completely or almost ignore the Smentler and focus only on Smithy.

Since Smithy will make use of special moves that cannot be blocked and will use them randomly, it is impossible to give you a specific pattern. Consequently, try to mix, as best as possible, the phases in which you will have to attack and those in which you will have to heal. However, not all of Smithy's moves can be blocked. In fact, some of them can be blocked, so pay attention to the right timing to do so. It may not be very easy at first, but you will get used to it and understand the exact moment to do it.

Furthermore, keep in mind that in this first phase, the Smentler will spawn minions that you will have to eliminate so that they cannot inflict damage on you. At this point, it might be a great idea to use your gauge actions in such a way as to hit as many enemies as possible at the same time. Finally, continue attacking Smithy, keeping in mind everything we have told you and you will be able to inflict enough damage on Smithy to start the second phase of the battle.

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Super Mario RPG Smithy

Phase 2

Once you've dealt enough damage, Smithy will hit the ground and sink into a new arena. This phase is obviously more difficult than the previous one, even if Smentler won't be there. What you need to know is that his head and his body are completely different targets and that you cannot hit his body directly, but you have to make use of well-timed attacks. This will allow you to not have Smithy use physical attacks, but he will be able to use his special abilities. Also, you should know that Smithy has four different options to attack you that you need to take into consideration.

Tank head

When in this form, Smithy is very aggressive and prefers to use physical attacks rather than special moves. Pay attention to the projectiles he will shoot and try to block them. Furthermore, also pay attention to an attack where he will use his hammer to hit the characters. However, this move can also be blocked, although it takes some practice. What you need to know is that, in this version, Smithy is vulnerable to lightning special moves, so make use of Mallow in this case.

Magic head

In this version, Smithy is weaker than the others but has very powerful special moves available in his arsenal. Furthermore, since he has no real weaknesses, he will have to make use of physical attacks to inflict greater damage. However, her special moves cannot be blocked, except for Dark Star. As a result, there's not much you can do except take the blow and think about the right move to make next.

Mask head

This version is used to heal and shield Smithy. Fortunately, in this form, Smithy does not have special moves capable of inflicting damage available in his arsenal, but only physical attacks. The only special move he will use is the one that will allow him to remove attack and defense buffs. Also, be aware that this is vulnerable to ice special moves, so make use of Mallow.

Treasure head

This form is based on the treasure chests that you can find around the game world. As a result, he will attack with random abilities that are capable of dealing different status damage. To get the better of this version of Smithy, make use of Mario's ultra flame as it is vulnerable to fire damage.

Super Mario RPG Smithy

Super Mario RPG Smithy Boss Guide
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