Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Weapon World

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Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Weapon World

Similar to any other amazing role-playing game, Super Mario RPG offers an abundance of exciting options for exploration and discovery. Scattered throughout the various game areas are Super Mario RPG hidden chests, one type of item. Thirty-nine of them, in actuality. Perhaps some are easier to find than others. You can reasonably begin your search for Toad in the Mushroom Kingdom store's basement. Hidden chests in Super Mario RPG can be easier to find if you talk to him until he gives you a signal ring.

Super Mario RPG Weapon World hidden chests

Once you have collected all the Super Mario RPG hidden chests found in the Nimbus Land area, you have now reached the end of your treasure hunt. In fact, in the Weapon World area, there will only be one hidden chest to find and, fortunately for you, it won't even be that difficult to reach. Accordingly, get ready to reach your ultimate hidden chest.

Once you spawn at the beginning of the world, what you will have to do to find the last of the Super Mario RPG hidden chests is continue through the level until you reach the first save box. Once this is done, all you have to do is jump to the left to find the last of the Super Mario RPG hidden chests present in the game, which contains a Mushroom inside as a reward.

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And there you have it. You have finally reached the end of this exhausting treasure hunt and you have found all 39 Super Mario RPG hidden chests that were scattered throughout the game world. You have the opportunity to explore the map far and wide and obtain very useful rewards that could prove fundamental to face and defeat, for example, the post game bosses that the game gives you the opportunity to face only once you have finished the main story.

Super Mario RPG hidden chests

Super Mario RPG Hidden Chests: Weapon World
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