Super Mario Bros 35 Battle Royale Announced

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Super Mario Bros 35 Battle Royale Announced

Nintendo is throwing its most popular mascot into the Battle Royale genre for a limited time.

Nintendo made headlines once again today with the announcement of Super Mario Bros. 35, a brand new take on the Battle Royale genre. Following the success of other Battle Royale titles like Fortnite, H1Z1 and PUBG, we can now add Mario to the slew of trendy last man standing video game titles.

Super Mario Bros. 35 pits 35 players against each other online in the classic Mario setting. Each participant will control their own Mario character. Typical nonplayer characters like Goombas and Koopa Troopas will appear on each player’s landscape. Once defeated, those enemies will venture over to one of the other 34 players’ levels.

Each player will accumulate coins, which they can use for an item roulette. The item roulette will randomize an item such as a Super Star, Fire Flower or a Super Mushroom. Another unique feature in this new Mario Battle Royale title is a selectable strategy menu. Those strategies include Lowest Time, Random, Most Coins and Attackers, which players can use to get ahead of the competition. The last Mario standing will win.

Super Mario Bros. 35 will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online Members only beginning on October 1, 2020. It will be a limited-time release, available until March 31, 2021. Also, as a part of Super Mario Bros’ 35th anniversary, Nintendo is releasing remastered versions of the original Super Marios Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Marios Bros. 3 and Super Marios Bros. The Lost Levels.

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