Summer Games Fest 2024 Reveals – Who Needs E3 Anyway?

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Summer Games Fest 2024 Reveals – Who Needs E3 Anyway?

Summer Games Fest 2024 is here, so let's look at everything that was revealed at the yearly game reveal show.

It's that time again, when we all get to sit down in front of our TVs, phones or PC screens and watch E3. Well, we used to do that, now we watch the shows that have replaced it. And, in fairness, the Summer Games Fest has become one of the better reveal shows during this period.

Summer Games Fest 2024 – How to watch

If you're here before, or during the event, you can catch the live stream below. If not, however, then you can either rewatch the stream, or check out our handy recap of everything shown below.

Gori: Cuddly Carnage - Stray Meets Gremlins - DreamHack Summer 2024

Summer Games Fest 2024 Reveals

You can catch all the reveals below. We'll update the list constantly during the event, with key info such as Name, Platform, Release date alongside embedding trailers once they get put on YouTube.


Lego Horizon Adventures

Release Date – “Holiday” 2024

Platforms – PS5 & PC  & Switch

No More Room in Hell 2

Release Date – Halloween 2024

Platforms –

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

Release Date – September 3rd

Platforms – PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Steam, Epic

Cuff Bust

Release Date – 2025

Platforms – Steam

Star Wars Outlaws

Release Date – August 30

Platforms – PS5, Xbox, PC


Release Date – 2024

Platforms – PC, Switch, PS5, Xbox

CIvilization VII

Release Date – 2025

Platforms – PC, PS5/PS4, Switch, XBOX

Black Myth – Wukong

Release Date – August 20

Platforms – PS5, Steam, Epic

Once Human

Release Date – July 9 2024

Platforms – Steam, EPIC

Metaphor: ReFantazio

Release Date – October 11, 2024

Platforms – PC, PS and Xbox

Tears of Metal

Release Date – TBA

Platforms – Steam

Dragon Ball Z Striking Zero

Release Date – October 11 2024

Platforms – Xbox, PS5, Steam

Fatal Fury: City of Wolves

Release Date – Early 2025

Platforms – PS5/PS4 – Xbox – Steam – EPIC

Blumhouse Games

Release Date – Multiple release dates

Platforms – Multiple games

Pokemon GO Rarest Pokemon

Deer & Boy

Release Date – TBA

Platforms – Steam


Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

Release Date – 2024

Platforms – PS5, Steam, PC



Release Date – TBA

Platforms -TBA


Release Date – 2024

Platforms – Steam and PS5

Unknown9 – awakening

Release Date – 2024

Platforms -Steam, PS5, Ps4, Xbox

Enotria – The Last Song

Release Date – September 19 2024

Platforms – PS5, Xbox, PC


The First Descendant

Release Date – July 2 2024

Platforms – Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox

Outersloth Games

Release Date – Multiple Games shown

Platforms –


Among Us TV Show

Release Date –

Platforms – TV

Sonic X Shadow Generations

Release Date – October 25, 2024

Platforms – PS5, Xbox, Switch

Battle Aces

Release Date – Soon

Platforms – PC


The Finals – Season 3

Release Date – June 13

Platforms –

Alan Wake 2 – Night Springs

Release Date – June 8th 2024

Platforms – PC, PS5, Xbox

Dark and Darker

Release Date – Now

Platforms – Steam and EPIC


Release Date – Autumn 2024

Platforms –

Palworld – Sakurajima Update

Release Date – June 27 2024

Platforms –

Valorant – Console

Release Date –

Platforms – PS5 and Xbox

Phantom Blade 0

Release Date – 2024 Demo

Platforms – TBA


Summer Games Fest 2024 Reveals – Who Needs E3 Anyway?
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