Street Fighter 6 Rashid: Release Date, Fighter Pass And More

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Street Fighter 6 Rashid: Release Date, Fighter Pass And More

Rashidoooooooo! The first DLC character for Street Fighter 6 Rashid is dropping very soon! Here's everything you need to know!

Street Fighter 6 has already established itself as one of the best fighting games of the past decade. But a good release is just the start of what could be console generation long run. And with EVO 2023 coming up very soon, everyone is looking forward to the first addition to its impressive roster.

Street Fighter 5 Alumini Rashid is the first character to enter Street Fighter 6 with its first season of DLC. And he's not coming alone, up to his release there is also the “Get Ready For Rashid” Fighter Pass which contains some awesome rewards! But first up the release date.

Street Fighter 6 Rashid Release Date

Rashid is coming to Street Fighter 6 on June 24, 2023, to everyone who bought the Season Pass either individually or as part of the Deluxe or Ultimate Editions. You'll also be able to purchase him separately on all platforms.

If you want to try him out before buying, you can earn a 1 Hour Rental Token as part of the current Fighting Pass.

street fighter 6 rashid

“The Soaring Eagle of the Desert” returns to Street Fighter with much of his kit from Street Fighter 5 but also a slew of new tricks:

  • Arabian Cyclone: A new special move that performs a spinning kick and conjures up a whirlwind; can be used as a standalone blow, or transitioned into Rolling Assault or Wing Stroke
  • Arabian Skyhigh: A new double jump move that keeps opponents guessing on where Rashid will land from the air
  • Super Rashid Kick: Level 1 Super Art that unloads a devastating kick while soaring forward and up through the air
  • Ysaar: Previously Rashid’s V-Trigger move in Street Fighter 5, this Level 2 Super Art summons a slow-moving whirlwind projectile that can be used to pressure opponents
  • Altair: Rashid’s Level 3 Super Art calls forth a tempest that lifts opponents before he rains down on them with a monsoon of powerful blows
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And aside from his implementation into the Fighting Grounds and Battle Hub, he'll also be featured in the game's World Tour Mode. Here players can learn his fighting style on their Avatar and pick up some of his moves.

rashid ss03

If you have purchased the Deluxe Edition, you'll also get colors 3-10 for Outfit 1 and if you have purchased the Ultimate Edition you gain access to Outfit 2 (Rashid's Street Fighter 5 Outfit) with colors 1-10 (might also be available in World Tour Mode through the relationship system).

“Get Ready For Rashid” Fighter Pass

rashid fighter pass

In the lead-up to Rashid's release on June 24th, we also have the “Get Ready for Rashid” Fighter Pass which comes with 30 tiers of reward for both Free and Premium users. The Free one only included access to:

  • 2x Rental Pass
  • Stickers
  • Phone Theme
  • Emote
  • Title's
  • Eyeglass Cosmetic

But if you purchased the Premium Fighter Pass, you can earn the following rewards:

  • All Free Rewards
  • Arcade Game: Hyper Dyne Sidearms
  • Emotes
  • More Stickers
  • More Titles
  • Music: SFV Rashid's Theme, SFV Laura's Theme, SFV Necalli's Theme
  • Rashid Themed Cosmetics
  • Phone Wallpaper
  • Photomode Border
  • 250 Fighter Coins

Your Fighter Pass is leveled by earning Kudos which can be earned via the following:

  • Arcade – 35-50 per run, dependent on performance
  • Versus – 5 per match
  • Combo Trials – 5 per completed trial
  • Extreme Battle – 5 per match
  • Ranked Match – 30 per match (win or lose)
  • Casual Match – 30 per match (win or lose)
  • Character Guides – 10 per Character Guide
  • Training – 1 per combo performed
  • World Tour – 1-10 per win while using each character’s battling style and depending on the opponent’s level; these are given after battles with anyone in the open world and story.
  • Custom Room – 10 per match (win or loss)
  • Special Events
  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Challenges
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The “Get Ready For Rashid” Fighter Pass will be available until the release of Rashid and will probably be replaced with an EVO or tournament-themed Fighter Pass by then. But if you play regularly, it should not be that hard to finish all 30 tiers. You can find a full list of all the tiers here.

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Street Fighter 6 Rashid: Release Date, Fighter Pass And More
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