All Street Fighter 6 Characters and How to Play Them

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All Street Fighter 6 Characters and How to Play Them

The Street Fighter 6 Characters have been out for a bit. Here is a quick rundown of every character and how to play or play against them.

Street Fighter 6 features a well-rounded roster of characters both old and new. And it's easy to get overwhelmed with fresh faces or old friends with new tricks, so we compiled a handy list of all the characters. Here you get a quick rundown of their fighting style, how to play them, or how to deal with them.

Street Fighter 6 Characters Breakdown


SF6 Blanka Portrait.png

Blanka made his debut in Street Fighter II and is best known for his erratic movement and weird abilities. He can charge up to shock the opponent and has great mobility which makes him a pain to deal with. A good Blanka is all over the place and unpredictable which makes him such a menace.

How to play Blanka: Make use of his mobility and pester your opponent as much as possible. While Blanka isn't a rush-down character, his entire kit is built around harassing his opponent and capitalizing on their mistakes.


SF6 Cammy Portrait.png

Cammy joined Street Fighter with Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. British to a fault, Cammy is an extremely competent rush-down character who can harass her opponents with fast-paced attacks and an almost unpredictable mixup game.

How to play Cammy: Cammy is fast and her entire gameplan revolves around being constantly on the enemy and keeping them busy with pokes and a constant barrage of attacks. Her spiral arrow is a great tool for closing gaps and any Hooligan Combination is extremely useful as long as you stay unpredictable.


SF6 Chun-Li Portrait.png

Chun-Li made her debut in Street Fighter II. She's a charge character which means most of her kit is built around getting your opponent to advance on her to create an opening. Her gameplay rewards pushing overcommitted attacks and capitalizing on them with big combos.

How to play Chun-Li: Playing Chun-Li means you have to master her special moves, her stances, and the song and dance that is neutral. She excels by having a long reach and a great universal kit. You won't get around learning bigger combos as most of her moves link into each other.

Dee Jay

300px SF6 Dee Jay Portrait

Dee Jay was first introduced in Super Street Fighter II and is iconic for his rhythmic gameplay and ability to bait his opponents. While he is not really good at advancing at the enemy himself and rather difficult to master. He is really well suited for players who enjoy the mind game aspect of fighting games.

How to play Dee Jay: Dee Jay is able to feint almost all of his special attacks by using the light version of them. This is mostly used to bait a reaction out of your opponent. Playing him means you have to be able to read and react to situations at a moment's notice. Knowing all the setups and how to capitalize of them makes the character.


SF6 Dhalsim Portrait.png

Introduced in Street Fighter II, Dahlsim is the archetype of the ranged character. He can quickly move from side to side thanks to his iconic teleport while his fireballs and long limbs punish anyone who encroaches on him.

How to play Dhalsim: Dhalsim's gameplan revolves around playing keep away from your opponent. You don't want them to get too close while also making sure they can't punish your slow but long-reaching attacks. His usual BnB revolves around harassing his opponent with fireballs and punishing their reaction with a ranged attack.

E. Honda

SF6 Ehonda Portrait.png

Some wrestler E. Honda was first introduced in Street Fighter II and has been a staple of the series ever since. Despite being relatively big and a charge character, his kit of forward-advancing attacks and command grabs makes him extremely difficult to deal with at a close range.

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How to play E. Honda: Honda's biggest strength is that most of his light special attacks can be executed safely, letting you hone in on your opponent and pressure them into making mistakes. You want to keep attacking your enemy on block, either chipping away at their Drive Gauge or punish any attempt to get away from you.


SF6 Guile Portrait.png

Guile made his debut in Street Fighter II and is today known as the archetype of the zoner. Holding backward or down and punishing anyone who grows impatient and tried an ill-prepared advance. The only downside is that you have to master the timing of charge inputs.

How to play Guile: Despite having learned a few new tricks, Guile's game plan hasn't changed since his debut. Bait and punish. While he stands out as a heavy hitter, Guile is not that fast so making huge advances is almost impossible. Your best bet is to harass your opponent with Sonic Booms from a distance.


SF6 Jamie Portrait.png

Newcomer Jamie is all about resource management. His main mechanic revolves around stacking up drinks and free-flow attacks that can form a customizable combo. He is extremely good at the ground neutral and has many tools at his disposal as long as you can build up his drink level.

How to play Jamie: Playing Jamie is a delicate dance of playing and harassing your opponent with light attacks and small combo strings to create openings that allow you to build up your drink level. While Jamie will always lose at the range he needs to build up resources, he is neigh on unstoppable close-up.


SF6 JP Portrait.png

JP is a modern take on the Zoner, elegant in execution and downright malicious once you get his gameplay down. He excels at the medium and long range with a dangerous mix of ranged attacks, teleports, and a full-screen command grab? Hardly seems fair.

How to play JP: Just like any other Zoner, JP wants to keep his opponents within the medium to long range. Here he has full control and his attacks can come from almost any direction. Getting to that point can be an issue. At close range he'll struggle to get any opponent off him, luckily he also has an air throw and teleports to get out of range.


SF6 Juri Portrait.png

Juri is fast, has an excellent set of tools to deal with almost any situation, and can be a menace to society once you get some of her combos down. But to get there she relies on a limited resource to reach her full potential. She's the ultimate pick for anyone who wants to become a combo master.

How to play Juri: Juri is exceptional both defensively and offensively. All of her Special moves come in 3 variants, each suited for a different situation. You can build up her resources by anti-airing, quick cancels or avoiding projectiles. The rest of her gameplan now evolves poking away at her opponent until there's an opening to unload on them with a devastating combo.


SF6 Ken Portrait.png

Ken has been with the Street Fighter series since its inception, but only over the past two entries, he has carved out an identity of its own. He's the more aggressive take on the shoto-archetype that specializes in more aggressive play and long combos.

How to play Ken: Ken's gameplan is similar to other shotos, pepper your opponent from the distance with fireballs, antiair with dragon punch and rely on a strong neutral game. Unlike his counterparts, Ken promotes a more aggressive approach he can always chase down his opponents to capitalize on their mistakes.


SF6 Kimberly Portrait.png

Kimberly is one of the new characters in Street Fighter 6 and is a fast, tricky character with excellent mobility, great tech, and a strong mixup game. Her teleport and Shuriken Bomb allow her to keep any opponent on their toes.

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How to play Kimberly: Playing Kimberly is all about making your enemy guess your next move. While her range is short, she makes up for it with her high ability and combo potential. Like other characters of her type, she is built to provoke opponents into unsafe commitments to catch them with sharply executed target combos.


300px SF6 Lily Portrait

Another newcomer with Street Fighter 6 is Lily who fights with two clubs charged by Wind Power which greatly empowers her special moves and gives them special properties. Those makeup for her lack of speed.

How to play Lily: The key to mastering Lily lies in understanding how to utilize her reach and when to use Condor Wind to get Wind Power charges. Only those make her viable and a threat up and close. Playing Lily means mastering her ebb and flow of resources and getting really good at micromanaging her resources.


SF6 Luke Portrait.png

Luke joined the cast at the tail end of Street Fighter 5 and is the poster boy of the newest installment. He's a more modern take on the photo archetype with a heavy focus on execution and perfect timing and his only drawback is a lack of range in his projectiles.

How to play Luke: Timing and execution are everything when playing Luke, getting down basic combos and mastering the timing for the perfect Flash Knuckle makes him so satisfying to play. Outside of that, he relies on creating pressure with his normals and good fundamentals.


SF6 Manon Portrait.png

Manon is a new character who joined the evergrowing collection of World Warriors with Street Fighter 6. The judoka relies on creating pressure at a short range and snowballing her grabs by building up medals for every successful throw.

How to play Manon: While Manon's throws are a big part of her gameplay they are not the be-all and end-all. Lots of her BnB consists of hit-confirm and a strong mixup game. Getting good at playing Manon requires you constantly pressure your opponent and keep them guessing without giving up too much ground.


SF6 Marisa Portrait.png

Marisa also joined the cast of Street Fighter 6. She's huge and has an almost unfair damage output considering she has armor on most of her heavy-hitting specials. This allows you to bulldoze at most enemies and overwhelm them with her strength.

How to play Marisa: Marisa's playstyle promotes charging at her opponents and throwing out attacks, gambling that the opponent is brave enough to gamble with an input. While she's slow, her heavy, armored strikes allow her to provoke anyone into trying to counterattack only to get hit with a bulldozer-sized fist to the face.


SF6 Ryu Portrait.png

Ryu is Street Fighter and to some degree, he is 2D fighting games. He is the original blueprint every other 2D fighting game character has been built from. He is extremely well-rounded and perfect for anyone looking to get into Street Fighter.

How to play Ryu: His game plan is incredibly simple, provoke and pressure with pokes and fireballs and punish with whatever his opponent replies with. He has all the tools to do it and once you get some basic combos down to capitalize on those punishes he'll become a force to be reckoned with.


Street Fighter 6 Characters

Veterans and new players alike fear Zangief, the original grappler who has been terrorizing the world warriors since his debut in Street Fighter II. While he might be slow, he hits like a truck and is a threat at all ranges.

How to play Zangief: The grappler's game plan is all about conditioning and punishing your opponent. His basic ranged grab has different reaches depending on your input, you can use this as an opportunity to then punish jump-in attacks with an air grab or his powerful Machinegun Chops.

Oh, and most of these command grabs have armor. Make use of that!

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All Street Fighter 6 Characters and How to Play Them
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