Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass Explained

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Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass Explained

Street Fighter 6 is releasing with a Battle Pass! But what does that mean? Does a game like it really need a premium Battle Pass in order to stay afloat? Here is everything you need to know!

Street Fighter 6 is right around the corner and everything is really hyped for the next entry of Capcoms legendary fighting game Saga.

The game scored universally well in reviews, being already one of the highest-reviewed titles of the year. This is insane considering what titles have already been released over the past 6 months.

But there was something that tripped up a few people while reading the Destructoid review of the upcoming fighting game. It mentions that Street Fighter 6 will feature a Battle Pass.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass

This Battle Pass will come in a premium and free version. And Capcom hasn't mentioned the inclusion of this Pass in any of their marketing previously, nor is there any official material anywhere to be found.

Earlier this year, a few weeks after the release and reviews of Resident Evil 4's Remake Capcom had already patched a premium currency into their single-player game.

These allowed players for a little extra to skip having to do sidequests in order to unlock some of the more powerful upgrades.

This premium Battle Pass for Street Fighter 6 comes on top of an already announced Season Pass that will release 4 additions to the game's already stacked 18-character roster over the course of the next year.

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According to Destructoid's review, the pass will mostly reward players with cosmetics they can show off in the new Battle Hub, as well as a Premium Currency and additional Costumes for characters.

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How does the Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass Work?

As of writing, we're not exactly sure how this will play out once Street Fighter 6 actually releases on June 2nd. If the premium Battle Pass is a sure way to unlock all its cosmetics or if some will be locked behind it.

We do know from the Beta that the game will feature two currencies, Fighter Coins and Drive Tickets. Fighter Coins are the real money currency while Drive Tickets can be earned by simply playing the game.

In the Beta, you could purchase cosmetics with one currency or another while some were exclusive to the Drive Tickets. It is likely that the full release might feature certain cosmetics that'll only be available for Fighter Coins.

The Battle Pass or “Fighter Pass” as it'll be called in the game will come with a free and premium version you can expect that some of the rewards will be locked away behind a paywall similar to free 2-play titles like Fortnite.

It could also be that players are able to earn premium currency by leveling their Fighter Pass with daily/weekly and seasonal missions to get all the rewards.

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We'll update this section as soon as we can get our hands on the game.

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But Why Capcom?

We understand that Street Fighter 6 will be around for a long, long time and Capcom wants to make sure that the game continues to make money. Especially when they have a Pro Tour with a $2.000.000 USD prize pool coming up.

But something about it just doesn't sit right with us. Street Fighter 5 for all its faults had at least the way it handled premium content and the post-launch support figured out.

Every year the game would roll out a few more fighters and close up the year by releasing a new version of the game that included all previously released fighters for players who'd be new to Street Fighter 5.

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Players could also unlock new characters, stages, costumes, and more with the Fight Money currency which was earned by simply playing the game and completing challenges.

So players who played a lot could unlock upcoming characters without ever spending any extra money and the currency wasn't that hard to earn either.

We'll keep you posted on this topic once Street Fighter 6 is actually out in the wild and its fighter Pass is revealed to the public. For everything else gaming and esports, visit us here on ESTNN

Street Fighter 6 Battle Pass Explained
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