Streamer Group OTK Is Publishing Games Now Under Mad Mushroom

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Streamer Group OTK Is Publishing Games Now Under Mad Mushroom

At OTK Games Expo the influencer group revealed their new project, going into publishing. Here is everything you need to know.

Last year the content creator group One True King (OTK) or OTK Media hosted their OTK Games Expo event in Los Angeles. There the Austin, Texas-based content creators presented a variety of indie titles to their audience.

Today on June 10th, 2023 the organization announced that they announced their own game publishing and PR company Mad Mushroom. Their goal is to partner and collaborate with independent developers to connect their audiences with new titles.


And we've seen this before. Just last year YouTube content creator videogamedunkey announced his own indie game publishing company Bigmode Games and since then more and more influencers are getting in on the business side of gaming.

OTK is now a Game Publisher Called Mad Mushroom

The announcement of Mad Mushrooms' formation as well as its mission statement was very dry and cooperate facing. It mostly consisted of some of the prominent members of the ground talking about their love for video games and how they can help titles grow with their audiences.

Credit where credit is due, twitch streamer Sodapoppin had played a huge role in the popularization of the social deduction game Among Us in 2020. The 2018 release would then go on to blow up and become a cultural phenomenon. And in the past few years, we've seen publishers focus more and more on content creators to promote the games.

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But instead of announcing any games, we saw the OTK cast play prominent indie titles that were proven successes such as Doki Doki Literature Club, Vampire Survivors, and unknown indie darling World of Warcraft Classic.


With such a big announcement, you would expect them to show off titles they are now collaborating with (such as the MMORPG Project Honor by some former Blizzard developers OTK had invested in) instead of just showing off what content creators can do for a game. Which is playing it for a large audience.

In general, the entire 6-minute presentation was very stale and gave little context outside of an empty marketing speech. And sentences such as “We're actually gamers who play games.”, “We have an audience.” and “We know what makes games fun to watch.” don't really mean much And spending most of the presentation knocking the competition isn't good form.

Mad Mushroom promises to be more than just a publisher, they promise to help with financing and marketing as well as QA and Feedback during development. But we have yet to see them put those services into action.

OTK Mad Mushroom Asmongold

Who is OTK

OTK is a content creator organization that primarily operates on the steaming website Twitch. They are known for hosting events as well as being co-owned by some of the biggest creators on the platform such as Asmongold, Esfand, Sodapoppin, and Mizkif.

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The Org has also been successful in its other ventures such as Starforge Systems, which ships Custom Gaming PCs, and hosting esports events such as the World of Warcraft Race to World First.

But the company is not without controversy. Last year co-owner Mizkif came under heavy criticism after allegedly downplaying an incident of sexual assault and the surfacing of some racist and homophobic comments he had made in the past.

And in December of last year, former co-owner Rich Campbell announced his resignation from the company in the light of sexual assault allegations levied against him. In the fallout of Campbell's resignation members Jschlatt and BruceDropEmOff left the company.

As of writing, their twitch channel sits at 308,382 followers, and their YouTube channel at 597,000 subscribers and 34,573,000 views.

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Streamer Group OTK Is Publishing Games Now Under Mad Mushroom
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