Starfield New Game Plus Explained

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Starfield New Game Plus Explained

As in any self-respecting game of the genre, Bethesda's latest work also has a new game plus. However, unlike other games where this feature does not directly intertwine with the plot, the Starfield new game plus works in a slightly different way. For this reason, we decided to create this article in which we explain everything you need to know about it. It goes without saying, however, that given the nature of the article, there will be spoilers about the end of the game within it, so keep this in mind before reading on.

What is the Starfield new game plus

The presence of the Starfield new game plus mode was a pleasant surprise. This is, in fact, the first Bethesda game to provide this functionality to gamers. For those who are unaware, the new game plus normally returns the player to the beginning of the adventure while keeping all improvements active, allowing them to relive the campaign; but, in Starfield, this occurs in an unusual manner.

Starfield's new game plus mode has been seamlessly incorporated into the narrative, so its existence is inextricably related to the main narrative thread's progression. In essence, such a feature makes great sense on a plot level, despite being historically far from Bethesda's creative philosophy. But first, let's go over how it works in greater depth so that we can clear up any confusion.

Only after finishing the final main objective of Starfield, titled “Revelation,” is the new game plus mode accessible. The option to install “the Armilla” on your spacecraft and take a jump into the unknown will be available to you if you have finished all of the story tasks. The Armilla can be removed from your ship at any time, allowing you to pick up where you left off on previous adventures if you don't want to immediately begin new game plus. Additionally, even after you've taken the risk, you will always have the choice to back out because you will lose practically all of the possessions you've amassed during your journey.

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You preserve all of your qualities, all of your unlocked skill tree talents, all of your acquired powers, and your Frontier ship when you start a Starfield new game plus. You essentially lose everything by beginning the new game plus, though. You will actually lose all of the accrued credits, all of the weapons, all of the buildings you've obtained, all of the outposts you've created, all of the ships you've built or purchased, all of the navigational data, and therefore every planet and system you've found.

starfield new game plus

By evolving into an Astral, you will reach the level of being that allows for creatures to be aware of the multiverse's existence and to be able to live many different lives inside Colonized Systems. By keeping track of every memory from your previous existence, you will be able to revisit the events of the past and alter the course of events to your advantage. As a result, you will also get the “Astral” trait, which gives you the ability to predict the future. Furthermore, you will have the option of skipping the main objective entirely and going straight to the Constellation members.

But what do you actually get by starting a Starfield new game plus? Below is everything that will be available to you when you decide to ascend and become Astral:

  • Astral State: As Astrals, you will already be aware of how events will unfold, be able to skip the main narrative, have access to new dialogue options, and even take on a few extra tasks.
  • On your Guardian II, the Astral ship that will serve as your home ship, the adventure will start. It's also possible to earn improved versions of this ship by continuing through the new game plus cycles.
  • Every time you finish a “run” from Astrale, you will receive a more advanced and potent version of the space suit, known as the Materia suit, which is a very strong and distinctive piece of clothing.
  • Access to the Astral Merchant: While in orbit, you might come across a mysterious captain known as the Astral Merchant who sells items that can only be acquired through this merchant special. These items are legendary weapons with a special appearance and characteristics that are only available through this merchant.
  • Alternative Campaign: Once you get in Constellation, you will have the choice to expose your identity and begin a modified version of the campaign, in which the organization will give you all the assistance you need to return to Unity while skipping the majority of the primary missions.
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In the end, this Starfield new game plus mode gives you the option to skip the campaign (although you can choose to do it anyway by lying to your friends), gives you access to a variety of unique interactions in the game world, and gives you additional options dialogues that show off your foresight during the Faction missions.

starfield new game plus

Starfield New Game Plus Explained
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