Starfield Adoring Fan: How to Get Him (And Get Rid of Him)

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Starfield Adoring Fan: How to Get Him (And Get Rid of Him)

Bethesda has already announced for some time that an old acquaintance of its games would return to Starfield, namely the Adoring Fan. You can choose from one of the many traits available at the start of the game and you can meet him on several occasions to be able to recruit him to your team. Are you curious to know how to get the Starfield Adoring Fan? This article is for you.

How to get the Adoring Fan in Starfield

In the article in which we explained how to recruit all the Starfield companions, whether they are linked to missions or those that can be hired, we also talked about the Adoring Fan. However, since it is a particular companion, we have decided to dedicate a specific guide only to him, in which we give you more information and describe what to do in more detail.

First of all, as we have already said, in order to recruit the Adoring Fan in Starfield you will have to complete the first mission that allows you to get to the Constellation's Lodge. Upon completing this mission, the Adoring Fan will appear in the New Atlantis Spaceport and begin tracking you down to find you. If you head straight to the Spaceport located in New Atlantis, chances are you'll run into him as he tries to run in your direction. At this point, he will start a dialogue after which he will ask you if he can be part of your crew.

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In case you don't go to New Atlantis immediately, it will still be possible to find him and he will still try to stay on your trail, even if the process will be more difficult and will take longer, especially if you change planet or even system. However, once you manage to meet him, you can recruit him to your team as a traveling companion. As a result, you will have his Scavenging, Concealment, and Weight Lifting skills at your disposal. Also, he will give you gifts from time to time but this will make him constantly want to talk to you, which could get heavy over time. For this reason, we also explain how to get rid of the Adoring Fan.

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How to get rid of the Adoring Fan

In case his presence is no longer to your liking (he can be a very unnerving character, we know), don't worry: there are several ways you can adopt to get rid of him. First, when you're talking to him, select the dialogue option that allows you to talk about his “fandom”. At this point, choose the option that best suits you from the following. NOTE: if you decide to delete him from your crew, keep in mind that all the items you have told him you own will be lost. The only way to get them back is to kill him.

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Attack option

If you choose to attack him, he will become hostile and he will engage in combat as soon as you choose this option. This will cause him to be removed from your crew and make him a non-essential character and you can also kill him if you want.

Persuade option

If instead of attacking him you decide to persuade him, making use of the persuasion system present in the game, you can convince him that he shouldn't be your fan. Once the persuasion is done (just say you're an assassin), he'll walk away and want nothing more to do with you. Again, becoming a non-essential character, you can choose to kill him.

Other options

If you choose any of the other options, you will have different ways to get rid of him. One of them allows you to convince him that he may still be your fan but that he doesn't need to follow you everywhere and that he is part of your crew. Also in this case you can decide to kill him, if you want.

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Starfield Adoring Fan: How to Get Him (And Get Rid of Him)
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