StarCraft 2: WCS Winter 2019 Europe Ro32 Groups E-H

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StarCraft 2: WCS Winter 2019 Europe Ro32 Groups E-H

Welcome back for more coverage of the WCS Winter 2019 Europe's Ro32, featuring Groups E-H. With the conclusion of this group stage, the next phase, the European Ro16, is set to begin this Thursday starting at 10:00 AM EST and you can watch it here on ESTNN TV.

The final result of this round has left a lot of Terran players salty as only 2 Terrans managed to advance to the next round. How salty you ask? Well, let's just say that if this tournament had happened during 1930, Gandhi wouldn't have needed to walk 240 miles across India. And so, without further ado, let's go through the results.

Please note: This is a double-elimination tournament, so each win represents a series played out on a Bo3

In Group E, you had GunGFuBanDa, PtitDrogo, Kas, and Nerchio. GunGFuBanDa picked up the 2:0 in this bracket while PtitDrogo earned his spot by winning in a rematch against Kas. Kas, an older player from Ukraine, subsequently got eliminated, while Nerchio surprisingly ended his tournament run without winning a single map.

In Group F, you had Reynor, DnS, souL, and MarineLorD. Reynor, a tournament favorite, convincingly snatched up the 1st seed with a dominating all-kill while DnS picked up the 2nd seed (after losing to Renyor) by beating souL twice. souL did well in a stacked bracket but ultimately failed to advance. MarineLorD, unfortunately, lost without winning a single map.

In Group G, you had Serral, Namshar, SoulSpirit, and Zippy. Serral, the current reigning world champion, unsurprisingly won all his games. The Finnish Zerg is an absolute monster. This wasn't a contest for him; this was just him knocking kids off their bikes. The second place finisher, Namshar, got the 2:1 after losing to Serral by K-Oing everyone else in a convincing series. SoulSpirit got eliminated 1:2, while Zippy finished last. All in all, everything here went according to plan. There was no way anyone else was going to get out of this bracket.

In Group H, you had ShoWTimE, HateMe, Zanster, and SortOf. ShoWTimE clinched 1st seed by dominating his rivals with an all-kill, while HateMe nydused his way through the deciders match. It seems like the post-balance Nydus is actually really good. Zanster lost gracefully and wished HateMe the best before tapping out while SortOf played SortOf well, but still ended up in last place.

And those are the results for WCS Winter – Europe Ro32. WCS Winter – Europe continues this Thursday at 10:00 AM EST with the Ro16 and things are only going to heat up from there as only the best go forward. In Group A, I think Reynor and Namshar are the clear favorites to advance while uThermal and HeroMarine will probably win in Group B. I'm not too sure about Group C; it's really close, but I think DnS and ShoWTimE will go forward if I had to guess. In Group D, Serral is definitely going to win, and I believe GunGFuBanDa will advance with him.

And that's it for the Ro32! Be sure to catch the Ro16 live on ESTNN TV.

Good luck and have fun out there and most importantly, remember to stay hydrated.

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