StarCraft 2: WCS Winter 2019 America Ro32 Groups E-H

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StarCraft 2: WCS Winter 2019 America Ro32 Groups E-H

As the WCS Winter 2019 – America tournament finishes with the Ro32 group stage, we prepare for the next group stage, the Ro16, which begins this Thursday, immediately following the WCS Winter 2019 – Europe broadcast and you can watch it here live on ESTNN TV. If the Ro32 was any indication, then the Ro16 going to be even better as the battle for dominance intensifies in the American theater.

Please note: This is a double-elimination tournament, so each win represents a series played out on a Bo3

In Group E, you had TIME, Probe, DisK, and Future. The Chinese player, TIME, picked up the lead while Probe got the 2nd place finish in this bracket after beating DisK in the deciders match. This meant that DisK got eliminated, along with Future in last place. I was surprised with Future's poor performance and TIME's unexpectedly good one, but surprises happen in tournaments, that's how it works.

In Group F, you had MaSa, Astrea, JonSnow, and MeomaikA. To no one's surprise, MaSa won at the top of the bracket, while Astrea beat JonSnow in the deciders match. I think JonSnow played well, but Astrea played better. MeomaikA did better than I thought he would, his timing was pretty tight against JonSnow, but he ended up finishing his tournament run at the bottom of the bracket.

In Group G, you had Coffee, Silky, TLO, and Seither. Coffee sweeps through the bracket with some excellent control and multi-tasking. He had some trouble against TLO, but he ended up winning that series with a 2:1 victory. Silky came in 2nd after winning his rematch against TLO, which really showcases how close TLO was to advancing through this group. In the end, TLO got eliminated along with Seither, who finished last place without winning a single map.

In Group H, you had puCK, Firefly, Has, and PSiArc. puCK scores the all-kill by beating out Has and Firefly, with Firefly eventually securing the 2nd seed by beating both Has and PSiArc. Has, unfortunately, did not advance as his opponents were not lactose intolerant, and PSiArc ends his tournament run without taking any maps.

And that's it for WCS Winter – America Ro32. The next phase of the tournament, the Ro16, starts up again on Thursday and continues until Sunday, and you can watch it all here on ESTNN TV.

I'm looking forward to seeing SpeCial, and Scarlett duke it out in Group A, but I'm not sure they'll get the chance to play each other, which would be a bummer. In Group B, I want to see if Coffee can beat MaSa in a TvT. I don't think he can, but I want to see him try. Group C is probably going to be boring as there are 3 Protoss' in that group (which means it'll probably just be Phoenix turtling) as no one's going to move out. In Group D, I'm hoping I get to watch Kelazhur beat Astrea and advance to the Ro8.

And that's it for now! Stay tuned for more WCS Winter and StarCraft II tournament coverage.

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