Spider-Man 2 Rogues’ Gallery: Why One Of The Previous Villains Is Absent

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Spider-Man 2 Rogues’ Gallery: Why One Of The Previous Villains Is Absent

A glitch has provided a glimpse into Kraven the Hunter's trophy room, hinting at the fate of a villain who didn't make it into Spider-Man 2 rogues' gallery

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is filled with classic adversaries drawn from the extensive lineup of villains the web-slinger has encountered in the pages of comic books. Some of these villains had already appeared in previous Insomniac Spider-Man titles, while the rest made their debut in this universe. The Spider-Man 2 rogues' gallery has one notable omission, nonetheless, and now we might have learned why this character did not make an appearance in the game.

Spider-Man 2 Rogues’ Gallery: Who Is Missing?

Kraven the Hunter looms large in the superhero sequel, as he rampages through the streets of New York City, relentlessly pursuing a foe worthy of his ‘Great Hunt.' This pursuit not only puts him in conflict with our web-slinging heroes but also leads to encounters with numerous supervillains in the game, including Scorpio and Venom.

Spider-Man 2 Rogues' Gallery

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

Despite his significant appearances in both 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man and 2020's Miles Morales, Rhino is noticeably absent as a member of the Sinister Six in the game. An out-of-bounds glitch has recently exposed Rhino's location, and the revelations are quite grim.

Why Is Rhino Missing From The List Of Spider-Man 2 Villains?

Spider-Man 2 depicts Kraven the Hunter in a face-off against both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, as he also turns his attention to the various villains that inhabit New York City. Kraven manages to effectively eliminate several members of Spider-Man's rogues' gallery, with the most notable on-screen kill being Scorpion.

Following his daring escape from the high-security Raft prison, Kraven confronts the armored antagonist and skillfully dismantles his venomous tail before using it to strike a lethal blow. Meanwhile, Peter Parker, at a safe distance, observes the dramatic clash through a camera feed from one of Kraven's concealed hideouts.

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Recently, a YouTuber named clkz made a fascinating discovery while exploiting a glitch in Spider-Man 2. He managed to gain access to an out-of-bounds developer room within the game. This developer room potentially unveils an intriguing and chilling detail – a shelved trophy wall that hints at the morbid and relentless nature of Kraven the Hunter. On this macabre display, the heads of the supervillains Kraven ruthlessly hunted down and killed during his reign of terror in New York City can be seen.

The YouTube video above showcases a remarkable moment in which Peter utilizes a glitch to traverse through the game's terrain, swinging beneath the city in a manner reminiscent of an eerie alternate Spider-Verse. During this out-of-bounds excursion, Peter stumbles upon an unsettling area that includes what appears to be Kraven's imposing throne and a trophy wall, showcasing the gruesome sight of Rhino's decapitated head. The other three heads seemingly belong to Shocker, Vulture, and Scorpio, with the latter two appearing without textures.

Spider-Man 2 Rogues' Gallery

Photo Credit: Clkz

What makes this revelation even more intriguing is the contrast it presents. While Spider-Man 2 appears to provide compelling evidence to suggest the demise of Electro, Scorpion, Shocker, and Vulture, the same level of confirmation or clues regarding Rhino's potential death is notably absent. This glaring omission adds an extra layer of mystery to the fate of one of Spider-Man's iconic adversaries. Is Rhino truly deceased, or is there something more to his story that remains hidden?

Is Rhino Dead In Spider-Man 2?

While Rhino was a significant figure in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, he is not part of the Spider-Man 2 rogues' gallery. There's a possibility that Insomniac abandoned the idea of the Kraven trophy wall because they intend to reintroduce Rhino in a future game. On the other hand, it's also plausible that Rhino has met his canonical end after the events of Spider-Man 2. Fans will remain uncertain about his fate until Insomniac offers comments on this discovery or a future game provides clarification.

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Which Villains Did Kraven Kill Off-Screen?

The story also unveils Kraven's off-screen murders of Electro, Shocker, and Vulture. In Insomniac's first Spider-Man game, Shocker played a substantial role, but he's conspicuously absent in the sequel. His off-screen demise occurs as part of Kraven's sweeping campaign across New York City. It is Mary Jane who accidentally finds evidence about Shocker's fate when she locates his file on a computer owned by Kraven. Next to the monitor, the shattered remnants of Shocker's iconic helmet and gloves are visibly present.

While Vulture's death is not directly shown on-screen, and he doesn't receive a straightforward “DECEASED” designation, the circumstances strongly suggest that Kraven was responsible for his death. In the very base where Shocker's death is disclosed, Vulture's mechanized wings are displayed as a morbid trophy, alongside a recording where Kraven vividly recounts his successful elimination of this renowned Spider-Man villain.

Max Dillon, aka Electro, is showcased as a trophy, strongly insinuating that he became another of Kraven's victims. While navigating a derelict zoo in her quest for Dr. Kurt Conners, Mary Jane finds Shockers’ gauntlets. It appears that this infamous Spider-Man adversary was killed off-screen by the bloodthirsty Russian.

How Did Clkz Find The Trophy Room?

Clkz revealed on Reddit how he found the trophy room: “I was trying out some glitches that worked on Miles Morales and found out that one of the out-of-bounds bugs still worked, so I started exploring the underground world.” Upon gaining entry to the facility, clkz made skillful use of the photo mode to navigate past an undetectable barrier. This led to the disturbing revelation of what remains of Rhino, or, more precisely, the remnants of his once-mighty presence.

Spider-Man 2 Rogues’ Gallery: Why One Of The Previous Villains Is Absent
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