Unlock Your Spider-Sense: The Essential Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls Guide

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Unlock Your Spider-Sense: The Essential Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls Guide

Unleash your inner web-slinger with our detailed Marvel's Spider-Man 2 controls guide

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 swings players back into the heart of Manhattan five years after the original PlayStation exclusive came out. While the button layout remains familiar to the last two games, there's a world of new moves to master in the latest Insomniac Spidey adventure. Get right into the action with this concise guide to the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 controls.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls Guide

Much like its predecessors, Spider-Man 2 grants you a multitude of skills for your crime-fighting endeavors. The movement controls remain the same for both Spidermen (Peter and Miles), but differences come to light when it comes to combat. Below, you'll find a complete breakdown of the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 controls.

Basic Controls

Whether you're a seasoned Spider-Man or just donning the suit for the first time, mastering the basic controls is the key to swinging gracefully through the concrete jungle of New York, battling foes, and ultimately saving the day.

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Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

  • Attack: Square
  • Jump: X
  • Dodge: Circle
  • Web Strike/Web Wings: Triangle
  • Move: Left Analog Stick
  • Perch/Dive: L3
  • Camera: Right Analog Stick
  • Show Objective/Scan Environment: R3
  • Shortcut 1: Left D-Pad
  • Shortcut 2: Right D-Pad
  • Heal: Down D-Pad
  • Parry: Tap L1
  • Ability: Hold L1
  • Aim: L2
  • Web-Shooter: Tap R1
  • Gadget: Hold R1
  • Swing/Parkour: Hold R2
  • Map: Press Touchpad
  • FNSM App and Camera: Swipe Touchpad


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 introduces a rich collection of moves and combat tactics, conveniently documented in the in-game Moves List. New moves for both Peter and Miles will become available as you make progress in the game.

  • Yank and Throw Environment: Hold L1 + R1
  • Throw / Yank / Disarm Enemies: Hold Triangle
  • Air Launcher / Swing Kick: Hold Square
  • Finisher: Triangle + Circle
  • Charge Jump: Hold R2 + Cross
  • Zip to Point: L2 + R2
  • Toggle Ability Mode: Hold R1
  • Cross Ability: L1 + Cross
  • Square Ability: L1 + Square
  • Triangle Ability: L1 + Triangle
  • Circle Ability: L1 + Circle
  • Toggle Gadet Mode: Hold R1
  • Web Grabber: R1 + Square
  • Upshot: R1 + Triangle
  • Concussion Burst: R1 + Circle
  • Ricochet Web: R1 + Cross
  • Symbiote Surge / Mega Venom Blast: L3 + R3
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Basic Combat Controls

From delivering powerful punches to evading incoming attacks, understanding the fundamental combat controls is crucial to becoming a true Spider-Man. Here are the basic combat controls for Spider-Man 2.

  • Basic Attack: Square
  • Basic Ground Combo: Square, Square, Square, Square
  • Dodge: Circle
  • Perfect Dodge Right Before Getting Hit: Circle
  • Healing: D-Pad Down
  • Dodge Under: Square or Triangle, Circle
  • Long Dodge: Circle, Cross
  • Off the Wall Attack: Circle Towards Wall, Square
  • Web-Strike: Triangle
  • Web-Strike Follow Up: Triangle, After Contact with Enemy: Square
  • Web Yank: Triangle
  • Leap Off: Square, Cross
  • Throw Near Enemy: Hold Triangle
  • Throw Object: L1 + R1
  • Yank Down Enemy in the Air: Hold Triangle
  • Finisher: Triangle + Circle
  • Web-Shooter: Tap R1

Air Combat Controls

As you swing through the Big Apple skyline as Peter or Miles, the ability to engage in fluid and precise air combat becomes an essential aspect of your heroics. From executing aerial assaults to launching enemies off the ground, this Spider-Man 2 controls guide will show you how to pull off air combat moves.

Unlock Your Spider-Sense: The Essential Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Controls Guide

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

  • Air Attack: Square
  • Air Launch: Hold Square
  • Air Dodge: Circle
  • Air Perfect Dodge (Right before Getting Hit in the Air): Circle
  • Basic Air Combo: Square, Square, Square, Square
  • Air Launch Follow Up: Hold Square, Square
  • Swing Kick in the Air: Hold Square
  • Air Yank in the Air: Hold Triangle
  • Air Throw Enemy: Hold Triangle
  • Ground Strike in the Air: Square + Cross
  • Air Leap Off: Cross

Stealth Controls

As Spider-Man gracefully navigates the bustling landscape of New York City, there are times when a quieter approach is needed to tackle the challenges that arise. Whether you're silently dispatching foes, sneaking past enemies, or using the shadows to your advantage, mastering these controls is key to becoming the ultimate stealthy superhero.

Unlock Your Spider-Sense: The Essential Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Controls Guide

Photo Credit: Insomniac Games

  • Melee Takedown: Square
  • Web Strike Takedown: Triangle
  • Perch Takedown: Square
  • Ceiling Takedown: Square
  • Wall Takedown: Square
  • Web Line Perched/Crawling: Hold L2, Triangle
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Traversal Controls

Insomniac has made significant strides in enhancing traversal in this latest installment, setting it apart from the first two games. To truly elevate your gaming experience, familiarize yourself with the intricacies of the traversal controls, guaranteeing that your movements are both seamless and swift.

  • Swing in the Air: Hold R2
  • Swing Jump while Swinging: Cross
  • Jump: Cross
  • Sprint/Parkour: Hold R2
  • Charge Jump: Hold R2 + Cross
  • Deploy Web Wings in the Air: Triangle
  • Web Wings Dodge While Gliding: Circle
  • Zip to Point: L2 + R2
  • Zip to Point (Aim): Hold L2 + R2
  • Point Launch: L2 + R2, before Landing Cross
  • Web Zip in the Air: Cross
  • Quick Recovery Landing after Swinging: Cross while Rolling
  • Wall Run Near or on a Wall: Hold R2
  • Wall Run Boost while Wall Running: Cross
  • Dive: L3
  • Air Tricks in the Air: Hold Square,  Move Left Stick in Any Direction
  • Wall Crawl Disengage while Wall Crawling: Cross or Circle
  • Wall Crawl from Ground: Move Left Stick Towards Wall
  • Perch on Ledge: Press L3 Near an Edge
  • Ceiling Hang, Crawling on Ceiling: L2, Left Stick
  • Water Jump: Cross
  • Ledge Crest: Press Cross Near Building Top

Special Combat Controls For Peter Parker and Miles Morales

Apart from their common abilities, both Peter Parker and Miles Morales have unique fighting attributes. Read on to find out what they are, and how to execute them.

Peter Parker Special Combat Controls

  • Spider Barrage: L1 + Square
  • Spider Whiplash: L1 + X
  • Spider Rush: L1 + Triangle
  • Spider Shock: L1 + Circle
  • Venom Surge: L3 + R3

Miles Morales Special Combat Controls

  • Camouflage: D-pad Up
  • Chain Lightning: L1 + Square
  • Venom Punch: L1 + Square
  • Reverse Flux: L1 + O
  • Galvanize: L1 + X
  • Thunder Burst: L1 + Triangle
  • Mega Venom Blast: L3 + R3

Other Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls

  • Scan: R3
  • Tag Activity (After Scan): Hold L2, R3 on an Activity Icon
  • Tether Web: Hold L2, R1 while Targeting a Tether Point


Unlock Your Spider-Sense: The Essential Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Controls Guide
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