Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer Revealed at NOVA Open!

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Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer Revealed at NOVA Open!

Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer showcases the incredible world of the sequel of the 2021 TPS.

One of the biggest Warhammer events of the year, the NOVA Open began on August 30th. While the event is focused on the tournaments of various Games Workshop titles such as Warhammer 40k, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k Kill Team and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Warcry, it’s also a great opportunity for Games Workshop to reveal some of their newest products – be it on the tabletop, as books, or even as video games.

One of the most anticipated releases of (hopefully) this year is the sequel to the 2011 shooter Warhammer 40: Space Marine called Space Marine 2. While the publisher already revealed trailers and some gameplay footage, we only got snippets of the game that is set to release this winter. However, the NOVA Open blessed us with almost 9 minutes of Space Marine 2 Gameplay – let’s take a look at the fight of Lieutenant Titus against the hordes of Tyranid monstrosities.

Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer

While the trailer starts out without intense fighting, it still does a great job of showing us the grim dark future of the 41st millenium. In the opening sequence, a firing squad executes some (presumed) traitors, as we get our first extended look at the beautifully crafted world of Warhammer 40k. Not much later, a swarm of Tyranids attack Titus and his comrades, where we see the gunplay, close combat fighting and executions in action. We can also see some enemies that were rarely showcased in the previous trailers, such as the Tyranid Warriors that are a lot tougher than the Termagants and Hormagaunts. The trailer does a great job of introducing some game mechanics as well, such as the Quick Time Event to catch some of the enemies mid-jump or during a powerful attack and execute them.

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But the best thing that the Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer shows us is the game’s scale: Space Marine 2 is huge. Hordes of Gargoyles circle the cathedrals while you fight against Gaunts and Warriors below them; giant bells topple over because of the desctruction the Tyranids bring; at the end of the trailer, it shows us an enormous alien world, filled with vibrant colours – and graves as far as the eye can see.

Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer Featured image

Oh and by the way, Tyranids won’t be the only enemies you’ll have to face as Titus: during the last seconds of the Extended Gameplay Trailer, you are on a completely different world than before. In the original Space Marine, you battle the forces of Chaos after fighting against the Orks, and it seems like that’s the case with the sequel as well. While the last seconds reek of the God of Change, Tzeentch, maybe there’s more than the eye can see?

Space Marine 2 holds true to the Warhammer name, and we can’t wait to see it released! Follow ESTNN for more information on the next big hit in Warhammer video games!

Space Marine 2 Extended Gameplay Trailer Revealed at NOVA Open!
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