South Korea Proposes Law To Protect Esports Players

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South Korea Proposes Law To Protect Esports Players

The proposed law requires an advanced notice of cancellation of esports events.

Congressman Dong-su Yoo of the Democratic Party of Korea has proposed the “Heroes of the Storm” Law on May 18. The December 2018 cancellation of the Heroes of the Storm tournament, Heroes Global Championship was the inspiration behind the bill.

Many esports organizations, players and coaches were enraged because they did not receive advanced notice of the decision which was made by Blizzard President Allen J. Brack.

South Korean Heroes of the Storm squad Gen. G Esports was one of the top teams at the time. Its players lost jobs because of the tournament’s abandonment by Blizzard.

Above all, Yoo indicates that most esports players are at a crucial stage of building their careers. And the sudden closure of an event for which they spent many months preparing can cause serious and long-lasting consequences.

Yoo explained to Naver Sports, “In esports, if the publisher is no longer willing to support the competition the rights of many other parties who are involved in the competitions, including esports organizations, players, casters, viewers and others would seriously be affected.” He continues, “Laws must be in place to protect them from unilateral damage.”

The fact that up to two weeks before the event, Blizzard was still saying that Heroes Global Championship was continuing. And that they had big plans infuriated the esports community even more.

The HOTS bill seeks to prevent the unilateral cancellation of an esports competition. Game publishers or distribution companies would be required to inform involved parties several months in advance if they are planning to abolish an esports competition.

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